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Kipoo… in the Garden

Kipoo was dosing off to sleep.  He felt he deserves the rest. It had been a long and tiring season last year with all the visitors trudging all over him to take one last look at his receding hairline.  Yes, his receding hairline.  He never thought it would ever come to this. He was always so proud of his wonderful snow white crown.  But now it was slowly fading away… along with all the glory of his yesterdays.  No more would he be able to stand proudly among the rest of his peers as the tallest, most handsome one, with that awe inspiring crown of white on his head.

He has been privy to conversations about his receding hairline.  Apparently the only solution is some growth activator called tree.  It is said that this growth activator was what had kept that crown on his head for so long.  Kipoo just could not understand it all.  How come that growth activator was not there anymore? He is sure he did nothing to remove it.  What had his people been doing with it?

Then he thought…. it must be Mawenzi’s fault.  Mawenzi must have become jealous of him after that incident so many years ago.  Yes, maybe Mawenzi was at fault.  After all, that incident was related to fire, and fire requires wood, … and does wood not come from tree?

As Kipoo lay on his bed, he began to recall the events that culminated in that incident, way back when… he was not so young, but certainly younger than he is now… and boy was he handsome then.

It was a time when the people in his territory were so much fewer.  As the chief, he knew his people, and he had been able ensure they took care of their environment.  Things have changed a lot since then.

Anyway, at that time he had a friend called Mawenzi.  Mawenzi was just as handsome, and just as tall.  Mawenzi was the chief of the territory next to Kipoo’s.  They were good friends, but Mawenzi had a little problem.  Kipoo could never understand why Mawenzi was always coming to him for embers of coal from his fire.  He thought it was strange, but then, this was his friend, so he let it be for some time.

Now, Kipoo has always been a patient one,  known for calmly and silently watching his surroundings and letting things be.  But after many years of this behavior, Kipoo just had to ask Mawenzi: “My friend, why is it that you always come to get embers from my fire to start your own fire?  Why is it that you cannot start your fire from your own embers?”

Mawenzi was startled, and looked down with embarrassment. He never thought Kipoo would ever ask him this question.  As Mawenzi looked down, Kipoo looked at him with concern.  “Mawenzi,”, he said, “what is it that you cannot tell me?  You make me worried when you look down like that.  What is the matter?”

Mawenzi sighed.  He took a deep breath, and sighed again.  He stood up and said, “My friend Kipoo, if you do not want to give me any more embers from your fire, just tell me.  All I want is just a little coal to take with me to my home so that I can cook for myself. Why is that becoming a problem for you today?”

Kipoo did not like this response.  He felt that Mawenzi was not being honest with him, and Kipoo was beginning to get angry.  A simple explanation would do, but instead Mawenzi was trying to make him feel guilty about not giving him something that did not belong to him.  He pushed Mawenzi harder for an answer but Mawenzi would not tell him.

Kipoo sat still and thought, “If I do not give in to him, we will lose our friendship.”  So, he decided to give Mawenzi the embers of coal, and then find out the truth another way.

When Mawenzi had gone, Kipoo followed him quietly to see what he would do with the embers and what it was that Mawenzi was hiding from him.  When Mawenzi got home, Kipoo hid, and watched Mawenzi start his fire and cook his meal. As Mawenzi cooked, Kipo became hungry.  He should also have been cooking his own meal, but was now here watching Mawenzi cook.  The food Mawenzi was cooking was smelling really good, and Kipo almost came out of his hiding place to invite himself to Mawenzi’s meal. Surely Mawenzi would be happy to see him?

But he stopped himself. He still had not accomplished his mission, and today he had decided he was going to get to the bottom of the embers story. As Mawenzi ate his food, Kipoo licked his lips… hungry.  Boy was Mawenzi enjoying that meal!

When Mawenzi finished his meal, Kipoo got up to return home.  Kipo felt that this mission had proved to be a waste of time. But… suddenly, Mawenzi stood up and facing the fire, urinated all over it! He was putting out the fire completely!

Kipoo was livid!  “What?!”, he thought, “Is this what Mawenzi has been doing all these years?! Putting out his fire and then coming to beg me for embers from my fire?! Surely Mawenzi knew better than that!”

This upset Kipoo too much. A hungry man is an angry man they say, and without thinking, Kipoo got out of his hiding place and confronted Mawenzi.  Kipoo was angry, and Mawenzi was angrier still.  Mawenzi could not imagine that his long time friend had the audacity to sneak up on him and peep into his home like a thief.  There was an altercation, and then a fight.

Kipoo was too angry to remember that this was his friend, and eventually he picked up a big stick and smashed Mawenzi’s head with it.  Mawenzi’s head was shattered.  Gone was that wonderful crown of white on Mawenzi’s head.  Kipoo stepped back, waiting for Mawenzi to come back at him, but, wounded, Mawenzi could not fight any more.

Kipoo left Mawenzi’s home triumphant, he had won the fight, but he had also lost a friend.


Now, many years later, Kipoo’s hairline was receding, and soon he would end up almost as short and ragged as Mawenzi.  How would he, proud Kipoo, stand up among his peers again?

He turned on his side and thought: “If only, if only someone would bring back enough of that growth activator called tree… if only…”

As Kipoo fell asleep, he prayed that God would bring more growth activators so that the crown on his head would grow back again.  He would be ever so thankful. “Maybe God will guide those people who are visiting me to see my receding hairline to do something… “, he thought, “maybe they will bring more growth activators to him… maybe… just maybe…”

Come… Walk with me in the Garden.


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Kipoo is the local pronunciation for Kibo Peak of Mt Kilimanjaro.  Mawenzi is the second tallest peak on Mt Kilimanjaro.  The incident between Kipoo and Mawenzi is an adaptation of a folk tale of the Chagga people who traditionally live on and around Mt Kilimanjaro.

Out of focus … in the Garden

It was another Sunday afternoon. It was the beginning of the year and was rather warm… no …hot!

Fortunately, there was a slight breeze rustling the trees and giving the impression that it just might be cool.  It was quiet .. except for that distant sound of a praying group that seems to be playing the music rather loud … and the cockerel that seems to think it is morning every 10 minutes… ‘wake up! … it is morning! .. time to get up and do something! … let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! … he seemed to be saying.

Only it was now 4:30 in the afternoon and in fact the day was almost done.

Something seemed to be wrong with the cockerel’s body clock … rather like ours goes off sometimes.  Yes, those of us who want to just keep going, never stopping for a break, never stopping to spend some me time, never stopping long enough to recognize that the time to go has past, and it is now time to take a break.  And much like the cockerel drives those around it crazy, so do we, with our insistence on the urgency of the matter as though it were in fact a life and death issue… when to others, there are more important things that matter.

The cockerel was clearly not understanding what was happening in its surroundings and was giving a false alarm every 10 minutes or so.  It sounded confused, and many simply wanted it to shut up.

Are you like this?  Are you focusing on the wrong things in your surroundings and life?  Are you looking at the big picture or are you only noticing that thin ray of light coming through the cracks, and feeling the pressure to do something about it right now!  Are you constantly putting yourself under pressure, sounding the alarm for action lest there be certain failure in getting your daily bread?

Or have you instead stopped for a moment… just long enough to recognize that it is God who gives? Have you stopped long enough to recognize that running longer and putting yourself and others under pressure  more and more does not necessarily allow you to reap and enjoy those benefits you are running so hard to receive?  Are you losing sight of the vision … the real reason why you are doing what you are doing… to live a better life?  Have you stopped long enough to remember God, pray and even recognize the blessings that He is giving you already?

Yes, hard work pays, and is necessary… but so is some rest… just enough to allow you to re-focus on the right things, pray to God for guidance, and gain the wisdom and strength you need to forge ahead successfully, peacefully and in harmony with your environment much like the wise old elephant strolling peacefully through the Garden.

Young elephant on the age-old path - in the Garden

Young elephant on the age-old path – in the Garden

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

Jumping Hot … in the Garden

I woke up to another day of sunshine. The sun always shines here except on very few occasions.  Sometimes it is so hot that I can only compare my experience to being in a cooking pot.  Yes, a cooking pot.  Parking your northern zone model vehicle out in the sun  in this corner of the Garden will definitely result in a burn on your hands and back.  The steering wheel is burning hot and so is the seat.  I actually  had someone jump off the seat today, all the while begging forgiveness for jumping out of the car when offered a lift.

Knowing what to expect, I sat gingerly… then put my hands on the steering wheel carefully… keeping my door open while my prospective passenger danced a jig around the car looking for a seat that was cooler.

Fortunately they did not seem to notice how hot the air was inside.

As I carefully turned on my ignition to allow the AC to begin to run, I tapped softly on the steering wheel to begin to get used to the heat… I was going to have to drive off soon and the sooner the vehicle cooled down the better.  No … don’t ask me about my back….

I finally drove off with my passenger seated in the back left, still exclaiming how the jumping around did not help, but thankful to have been helped out all the same.

… and so we both got to our various destinations, having experienced what God’s beautiful sun can do in my new little corner of the Garden…at the foot of the rooftop of Africa.

The freezer or the cooking pot… which would you prefer? 🙂

Come … walk with me in the Garden

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Life can be beautiful in God’s light … In the Garden

“42 When he was twelve years old, they went up for the feast as usual.

43 When the days of the feast were over and they set off home, the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem without his parents knowing it.

44 They assumed he was somewhere in the party, and it was only after a day’s journey that they went to look for him among their relations and acquaintances.

45 When they failed to find him they went back to Jerusalem looking for him everywhere.

46 It happened that, three days later, they found him in the Temple, sitting among the teachers, listening to them, and asking them questions;

47 and all those who heard him were astounded at his intelligence and his replies.

48 They were overcome when they saw him, and his mother said to him, ‘My child, why have you done this to us? See how worried your father and I have been, looking for you.’

49 He replied, ‘Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?’

50 But they did not understand what he meant.” Luke 2: 42-50 (New Jerusalem Bible)

… and neither did I.

For the longest time I have pondered and wondered at this action that Jesus took. Yes, he would be expected to want to share with others who know much about God, His Father in Heaven.  But … why could he not have told his parents that he would be staying behind?  Why did he not care enough to let them know so that they would not be worried? How could he be so insensitive?  Was he being a typical teenager?  Could he have been simply beginning to express his teenage need or desire for independence? Yet, he was expected to be wiser and more considerate than this surely?

Of all the issues surrounding his disappearance, the worry he caused his parents concerned me the most… especially with the knowledge of how they had to run away in the night to a different country in order to save his life when he was born!

… so there has been this missing link in my understanding of this reading until today.   Eureka indeed.  The Holy Spirit of God spoke and I finally heard.

Luke – 2:49 “ … Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?”

Jesus’ parents Mary and Joseph were worried.  Today I learned that the 3 days of searching for him were symbolic of the three days it would take for Jesus to rise from the dead many years later.  But more importantly for me, I finally understood that the entire episode culminating in the words in Luke 2: 49 as always was not just a lesson for his parents Mary and Joseph, but for us all.  It is a profound message and lesson.

 Mary and Joseph had no reason to be worried … because so long as Jesus was in His Father’s house he was safe.  Simple… Jesus was safe because he was in his Father’s house, in his Father’s hands, in his Father’s protective care .. in fact, not just while he was in the Temple. It was not yet his time. He knew it, he was confident about it, and he wanted his parents on earth to begin to be confident about it. Nothing would happen to him before the time laid out for him to suffer and die for the sake of mankind. Everything was in God’s hands… there was no need for them to worry. That was his message and lesson for them.

… and that was his message for us… so long as we are in God’s hands, walking in His light, doing His will and obeying Him, nothing will happen that is not allowed by God in God’s time.  Challenges will come (not may, but will), but by being close to God, and open to His counsel, guidance, wisdom and grace, every challenge will be understood and may even be an important lesson in the journey of life towards God’s heavenly kingdom.  Every challenge will be overcome and be easier to address than we ever thought possible.

It is truly that simple… so long as we too are in our Father’s (God’s) house we are safe.  The key is to obey God and do all we do according to His commandments and will… as Jesus was doing… sharing his understanding and knowledge with the well educated in the faith to their astonishment considering his tender age.. he was beginning to show the world who he was, and he was starting early enough to make it clear even to the skeptics that he was different… even as he taught his parents and us all, this profound message of the safety of being in His Father’s house:

That by being in God’s presence in our lives, the struggle, the pain, the challenges, will be easier to bear, easier to address until peace good health in mind, body, spirit and soul come back to us once again. By putting ourselves consciously in God’s hands we actually give Him room to take care of us and keep us safe. It is our choice… to try and do it ourselves and be consumed by worry about all manner of things… or to live in God’s presence and let His Holy Spirit guide us safely through it.

This is my missing link finally found.  Do you have a missing link?  Do you want to find it? Share it with us… send us a comment in the Garden.

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

Life Can Be Beautiful in Gods Bright Light ... in the Garden

Life Can Be Beautiful in Gods Bright Light … in the Garden

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Following the way … in the Garden

It was one of those rare Sundays when I gave myself a treat and went out on a game drive.

The wildebeest were back in my little corner of the Garden, walking steadily towards us in a single column not more than 4 deep.  The ones at the front of the herd looked pretty young and I wondered how they new the way.

Suddenly, they stopped.  The whole herd of millions of wildebeest could not move on.  The leaders  had just simply stopped.

A few wildebeest were beginning to scatter off the column in search of more grass to eat, but some strong looking wildebeest who seemed to be playing the role of ‘crowd controllers’ would not let them go far.  Running from one side of the column to another, they gathered the wildebeest back into the path, seemingly oblivious of the fact that in fact the column had stopped.

My game drive guide was telling me that they had probably stopped because they could not find the path any more and so did not know the way.  They were waiting for some direction from the older generation, he said.  It did not take long for the guide’s words to come true.

When a few of the older wildebeest broke off the column the ‘crowd controllers’ did not stop them.  They were not too far behind so it did not take them long to get to the front of the migration and start the herd moving again.

It was a fascinating spectacle to see. Not only did they clearly know where they were going, they had rules of behavior, leaders, crowd controllers, and respect for the knowledge of the older generation.  These rules that they seemed to abide by kept them together, safe and in existence in the largest numbers of a single species in all of creation apart from mankind.

God’s awesome creation was teaching me something again…. Everyone has a positive role to play in this life, including the so called ‘older generation’ or ‘old people’. The wildebeest understood the importance of rules of conduct for their own safety and well being, and respected the prompting of the ‘crowd controllers’ to get back in line.

Which brings me to us.

How many times have you said to yourself or to someone else: ‘rules are there to be broken’?  How many times have you felt that the regulations are an unneccessary restriction just made to make life more difficult?  How many times have we all complained about corruption in upper echelons of government, and yet been quick to give an officer of government a little something to speed things up or let us go? … perhaps out of fear that the system ‘does not work and you are not likely to get what you deserve any other way’?

Who is responsible to stop the rot that prevents us from living in peace, and well being? Who should start first?

No, I will not give an answer today. While the wildebeest ‘crowd controllers’ had their role to play, we each have our internal controller – our conscience granted us by God Himself. Each one of us knows when we are going the wrong way … before man and most importantly, before God.

It is time to make a stop to the rot in our society, and get back on the path to peace and well being, each person in their own time and space, each person making a little difference… and with the loving help of God surely we can make a difference?

Will you join me?

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

Being honest … in the Garden

It was a Sunday afternoon.  My vehicle had been taken to the workshop.  There was something wrong with it and I had been forced to call for assistance the night before, while trying to go up the very steep hill in that little corner of the Garden I called home…

This was the time I would normally sit down to write a story and share it with the world.  The grassland outside would be mostly quiet save for the few impala or zebra or wildebeest chomping and playing on the long grasses.

This day was however anything but quiet.  The baboons were all over the place making a racket and I was perplexed. I had never seen so many baboons around the house.  I had always found evidence of their presence in the form of a broken verandah table and scattered verandah chairs, but had not encountered them yet.  I wondered why they were here on this particular day … what had made them come to the house and cause such a racket?

I stepped out onto my verandah to see what it could be…and as soon as they sensed that I was a the doorstep they ran away… never to be seen again that day.  Hmmmm….

The next morning, I had to seek assistance with transportation.  The driver got late and by 8:00am he had not arrived yet.  It was not 10 minutes after 8:00am when the loud destructive baboons came calling again.  They disappeared when the driver arrived to pick me up and I thought no more about it…

I did not see them again, until my vehicle was in the workshop again … and I was spending the Sunday afternoon quietly writing my story… well … not so quietly then.

… the baboons were playing a game called; ‘when the cat’s away, the mice will play’?  Clearly they had learned that my vehicle being parked in the front of the house meant a human being was around, and that meant they were not free … so they hid until they saw the vehicle go away.

Deceptive? Or Just afraid?


Is this not the real and major reason that we are so often deceptive?  Out of fear of the consequences of being honest?  Out of fear that we may be misunderstood and badly hurt because of it? Out of fear for our very existence  … our jobs, our relationships, our education, our faith?

Yes, not many people tell outright lies… most of us just hide the truth … couch it in confusing terms, hide it in the details … in the famous small print, wait until the last minute when no one can do anything about things… don’t let anyone know … see … what you are doing … planning … writing…

The baboons were exhibiting classic human behavior … right there in the middle of that beautiful corner of the Garden … and reminding me glaringly how much pain we cause each other because of it… deception brought on deep seated fear.

If only we had the courage to face the truth in ourselves, in the people around us, and in our little corner’s of the Garden.  If only we were more trusting in God, enough to be honest about our mistakes and weaknesses as leaders and as those being led.  Maybe … just maybe … we would all be able to live in true peace.

Come … walk with me in the Garden

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Free like a bird … in the Garden

‘ … then I’ll be free as a bird!’, we always say when we are about to go on leave … for those of us lucky enough to have a job.  We envision a wonderful holiday free of all work-related encumbrances and imagine it will be like heaven on earth when we go on leave.

But how free are we really? … are we ever?

The Von der Decken’s hornbill had made a habit of ts beak against my living room window every morning, startling me even when prepared for the bang.  It was not encumbered by anything and simply flew round the house stopping at the living room window, perhaps searching for food… but in any case making sure I was aware of the time … it was morning!

‘Come on! Wake up!’, it seemed to say, and sure enough even though I wanted to stay asleep, I couldn’t… it was morning.

Free as a bird ... in the Garden

Free as a bird … in the Garden

Free as a bird… The hornbill flew to wherever it wanted to, slept practically wherever it wanted to, found food wherever it could find it, and even though it had to watch out for prey, it was mostly in cases where it needed to protect its young ones who could still not fly away from danger.

So … are we ever really free?   Can we go where we want, when we want and get whatever food wherever and be happy?  Or have we tied ourselves down to certain things that we must do by a certain date … certain things we must have or we cannot be happy… certain people we must be hanging out with, or we are not ‘in the right crowd’ or ‘with it’?

No… we are not really free… we only free ourselves of one thing at a time, for a little while

… unless we have learned how to be truly free in the light of God.

Yes, in God’s light it is possible to be truly free… for when we are free of human-defined needs, wants and desires, we become truly free to be happy no matter what life brings… then, it does not matter whether we have the latest gadget unless we need it for the fulfillment of God’s will… it does not matter whether we are in touch with the name and content of the latest movie or have even watched it because what people around us say about our knowledge or lack of thereof is irrelevant… it does not matter whether we have that extra special ice-cream because if we do not have ice-cream of any kind in fact, that is just fine with us as well.

When we are free in the light of God, whatever we find to eat is ok… we are thankful for it.  In the light of God, whatever we have, little or much, cheap or dear, we are thankful for it… in the light of God, what we do with what we have, no matter how little or how much, is more important than getting more than what we have… and when we concentrate on what we do with what we have in the light of God, He provides for us to be able to do that which He Himself has ordained.

It is beautiful to be free in God’s light… and it take a long journey to get there…

I am walking on my way to be free in God’s light in the Garden … will you join me?

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

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Enough … in the Garden

So, how many times have you ever stopped and said:  “Enough… this is just enough for me.  I do not need or want any more than this.  My heart is satisfied with what I have and have enjoyed today… it is enough.”

The Zebra and wildebeest were going about their eating, playing, resting, walking, courting in peace.   The humans were going about their running, preparing, helping, serving, organizing, transporting, looking, eating in peace … each in his or her own little space, right next to each other in the Garden.  Once again, I acknowledged that this was a truly wonderful place to be… and only God could have created it as it is.  Even with man’s perceived effort in building his niche in the garden, only God could have made it so that man and beast could live so closely in peace.  Only God could have planted the idea in man’s head, and given him the heart, resources, opportunity and ability to do this.


Today I am writing and praying thankful.  I have many blessings … and still desire many things… but I also recognize that what I have today… is enough.  A visit to the little corner of the Garden I used to live in reminded me of God’s beautiful creation in its most natural fullness … a truly great blessing.  So I say, “It is enough”.  

As I say this I begin to realize that each and every day, what God gives me is enough.  Even though I do not finish what I want to do… even though I do not receive what I expect to receive… even though there are so many things to do to get everything its right place in my view of life, even though there are many challenges to overcome whether real or perceived, I know that today, and each and every day, just as it is … is enough… in God’s light … on God’s path … in obedience to Him that is the creator of all things.

… and as I look at this life in that little corner of the Garden … in my current little corner of the Garden… experience it, remember it, and recognize God’s presence in it, I say to God: “thank You… it is enough, it is enough just as it is.  Amen”


Come … walk with me in the Garden.

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Like an Ostrich … in the Garden

It was another busy day, and I was on my way to a campsite where I had to restore communications in a hurry.  The way to the campsite was filled with wildlife as usual, but one member of the bird species was particularly fascinating as always.  As I drove along the winding dirt road, I saw an Ostrich about 200m ahead of me to my right.  

Driving onward at a dutiful 40km per hour (yes….40…), the road wound towards the Ostrich briefly and then away.  I was nowhere near where the Ostrich was, and would not in any way get anywhere near it. But only I knew that.  Only I, had the knowledge and vision to see that the road would turn away from the Ostrich completely and we would never meet.

But to the Ostrich, the vehicle signified a source of danger that was greater than it could understand … so it ran.  It ran faster than life itself straight towards the vehicle but at an angle such that it would have crossed the road ahead of me … had I been stationery … and would hopefully get away to safety… even though it was already safe.

Running like an Ostrich ... in the Garden

Running like an Ostrich … in the Garden

However, I was not stationery and try as it might, the Ostrich was never going to get ahead of the vehicle if I kept driving since the road was winding away from the Ostrich as well.  I stopped, thinking how foolish this bird was to think that the best way to overcome a challenge was to cut across it’s path at top speed without understanding that challenge in the least bit.

Yet, how many times do we do that very same thing in our lives?

“Eeek! Not me!”, You might be thinking.

Hmmm… how about that conflict with the one(s) we love that we try to overcome by getting the upper hand in the conflict… instead of stopping to understand the source of the problem and then addressing it calmly… and end up exacerbating the problem… or even creating one where there was none…

…and that competitor whom we try to beat by reducing our prices without first understanding the real reason why our customers are moving to the competitor instead of staying with us…

… and that teenager or staff member we reprimand without first understanding what drove them to make the mistake in the first place…maybe it was not even a mistake, but the right thing to do under the circumstances…. maybe? Maybe there was no problem after all?

Hmmm… maybe a little prayer to God will help… to ask that He open our eyes to see the road more clearly, and to grant us His wisdom and guidance to address the challenges we face correctly.

Yes, I am sure it is better to walk with God in the Garden… than to run like an Ostrich every time I hear something come along that looks like a problem… straight into the… or a … problem.

Do pray with me for God’s wisdom, and …

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

Copyright © 2012. Ophelia Swai.  All Rights Reserved.

What a wonderful morning to remember … Come … walk with me in the Garden

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I wake up every morning, 6 days a week, rushing through my paces.  I have many things to do before it is time for me to leave the house and get to my office.  It is always such a battle, because, I usually have found it hard to wake up on time in the first place.

But this morning I had woken up on time.  It was a morning for my 15 minute workout and I had made it on time… that is, until I happened to look at the window and see a deep red seeping through the curtain. I knew this meant a beautiful sunrise.  I was smiling already.  The workout could wait a few minutes.  I would just take a few clips and then proceed.

I was right.  The sunrise was beautiful and reminded me of the days I when I woke up every morning in time…

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