Being honest … in the Garden

It was a Sunday afternoon.  My vehicle had been taken to the workshop.  There was something wrong with it and I had been forced to call for assistance the night before, while trying to go up the very steep hill in that little corner of the Garden I called home…

This was the time I would normally sit down to write a story and share it with the world.  The grassland outside would be mostly quiet save for the few impala or zebra or wildebeest chomping and playing on the long grasses.

This day was however anything but quiet.  The baboons were all over the place making a racket and I was perplexed. I had never seen so many baboons around the house.  I had always found evidence of their presence in the form of a broken verandah table and scattered verandah chairs, but had not encountered them yet.  I wondered why they were here on this particular day … what had made them come to the house and cause such a racket?

I stepped out onto my verandah to see what it could be…and as soon as they sensed that I was a the doorstep they ran away… never to be seen again that day.  Hmmmm….

The next morning, I had to seek assistance with transportation.  The driver got late and by 8:00am he had not arrived yet.  It was not 10 minutes after 8:00am when the loud destructive baboons came calling again.  They disappeared when the driver arrived to pick me up and I thought no more about it…

I did not see them again, until my vehicle was in the workshop again … and I was spending the Sunday afternoon quietly writing my story… well … not so quietly then.

… the baboons were playing a game called; ‘when the cat’s away, the mice will play’?  Clearly they had learned that my vehicle being parked in the front of the house meant a human being was around, and that meant they were not free … so they hid until they saw the vehicle go away.

Deceptive? Or Just afraid?


Is this not the real and major reason that we are so often deceptive?  Out of fear of the consequences of being honest?  Out of fear that we may be misunderstood and badly hurt because of it? Out of fear for our very existence  … our jobs, our relationships, our education, our faith?

Yes, not many people tell outright lies… most of us just hide the truth … couch it in confusing terms, hide it in the details … in the famous small print, wait until the last minute when no one can do anything about things… don’t let anyone know … see … what you are doing … planning … writing…

The baboons were exhibiting classic human behavior … right there in the middle of that beautiful corner of the Garden … and reminding me glaringly how much pain we cause each other because of it… deception brought on deep seated fear.

If only we had the courage to face the truth in ourselves, in the people around us, and in our little corner’s of the Garden.  If only we were more trusting in God, enough to be honest about our mistakes and weaknesses as leaders and as those being led.  Maybe … just maybe … we would all be able to live in true peace.

Come … walk with me in the Garden

Copyright © 2012, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.


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