Like the sea … in the Garden

I wake up in the morning to a gentle breeze coming from the sea.  It is another morning, and the day promises to be as challenging as always.  But for a moment I ponder in wonder at the gentle sea.

The waves are low and soft as they cascade towards the shore… not in any hurry at all … no, not in any hurry today. 

The Beautiful Side ... in the Garden

The Beautiful Side … in the Garden

As I get ready for the day, I remember how many stories I have heard about the dangers of the sea … seen how much harm and pain the sea can cause … how quickly such calm waters can become the most threatening danger for those on it, in it or around it…how life threatening that beautiful image of God’s creation can become in practically an instant. … and yes, sometimes the sea does not even need to become stormy … just be deadly for those that venture too far into it.

Yes, God’s creation is mighty, beautiful and as deadly as it is calming. Yet, those who love it will swear by it, how beautiful it is… as it is with us human beings.

Do you ever wonder how beautiful we all can be, and yet how harmful we have the potential to be to one another and to everything around us. Is it a wonder then, that everything else in God’s creation can be both beautiful and deadly?

Yet, God created all things to give and share life, not to hurt or kill … to teach and to heal, not lead astray or to steal.

It is my challenge to you today… wherever you are and whatever you do, to look around you at the beautiful things that God has placed before you… the beautiful people that God has placed around you … and to ask yourself: ‘Am I beautiful to them? Do I present God’s majesty and beauty through the life I live? Or am I a ticking time bomb, just waiting to cause the most harm and the most pain that I can to those who love me? Can those around me and God’s creation around me really appreciate the positive influence I have in their lives … their existence… whether they acknowledge it or not? Or do I push them away and hurt them because they do not give me what I need?’

I challenge you today to ask yourself: ‘Am I as beautiful as the sea?  Even though I have the capacity to commit unjust deeds, do I choose to go the other way .. the more beautiful way?  Do I choose instead to be like the calm sea, giving joy and peace to everyone and everything around me?’

The sea has no choice to make in the direction it will take or the force with which it will take it … but we do.

This is my challenge to you today, even as I ask myself the same questions.  Yes, where I find I am going wrong, I will change my course and choose a better way… to bring the light and love of God to all humanity within God’s creation.  However far I can get, the most important thing is that I will try my very best.  Will you join me?

Come … walk with me in the Garden

Copyright © 2012, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.


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2 thoughts on “Like the sea … in the Garden

  1. Kennedy Gurusya November 5, 2012 at 8:19 am Reply

    It is God’s call to every person to be good/holy as He is. Life venture makes people to be of various characters and sometimes very difficult to know yourself and sometimes your fellows can not tell you the truth about your character. You can know yourself when you get a shock experience in life eg sickness or other catasrophy, how will your fellows respond to you/how are the people whom you work for respond to you? This will show to you how good or bad or accepted in the society/fellows. And so the journey to change.

    • daphinas November 6, 2012 at 3:23 pm Reply

      Yes, It is really hard to trully know yourself and your weaknesses, or even admit to them when you find them. It is perhaps even harder to tell someone else the truth about who s/he is, for fear of their reaction – hate, pain…

      But God’s call remains.

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