Free like a bird … in the Garden

‘ … then I’ll be free as a bird!’, we always say when we are about to go on leave … for those of us lucky enough to have a job.  We envision a wonderful holiday free of all work-related encumbrances and imagine it will be like heaven on earth when we go on leave.

But how free are we really? … are we ever?

The Von der Decken’s hornbill had made a habit of ts beak against my living room window every morning, startling me even when prepared for the bang.  It was not encumbered by anything and simply flew round the house stopping at the living room window, perhaps searching for food… but in any case making sure I was aware of the time … it was morning!

‘Come on! Wake up!’, it seemed to say, and sure enough even though I wanted to stay asleep, I couldn’t… it was morning.

Free as a bird ... in the Garden

Free as a bird … in the Garden

Free as a bird… The hornbill flew to wherever it wanted to, slept practically wherever it wanted to, found food wherever it could find it, and even though it had to watch out for prey, it was mostly in cases where it needed to protect its young ones who could still not fly away from danger.

So … are we ever really free?   Can we go where we want, when we want and get whatever food wherever and be happy?  Or have we tied ourselves down to certain things that we must do by a certain date … certain things we must have or we cannot be happy… certain people we must be hanging out with, or we are not ‘in the right crowd’ or ‘with it’?

No… we are not really free… we only free ourselves of one thing at a time, for a little while

… unless we have learned how to be truly free in the light of God.

Yes, in God’s light it is possible to be truly free… for when we are free of human-defined needs, wants and desires, we become truly free to be happy no matter what life brings… then, it does not matter whether we have the latest gadget unless we need it for the fulfillment of God’s will… it does not matter whether we are in touch with the name and content of the latest movie or have even watched it because what people around us say about our knowledge or lack of thereof is irrelevant… it does not matter whether we have that extra special ice-cream because if we do not have ice-cream of any kind in fact, that is just fine with us as well.

When we are free in the light of God, whatever we find to eat is ok… we are thankful for it.  In the light of God, whatever we have, little or much, cheap or dear, we are thankful for it… in the light of God, what we do with what we have, no matter how little or how much, is more important than getting more than what we have… and when we concentrate on what we do with what we have in the light of God, He provides for us to be able to do that which He Himself has ordained.

It is beautiful to be free in God’s light… and it take a long journey to get there…

I am walking on my way to be free in God’s light in the Garden … will you join me?

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

Copyright © 2012, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.


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