Enough … in the Garden

So, how many times have you ever stopped and said:  “Enough… this is just enough for me.  I do not need or want any more than this.  My heart is satisfied with what I have and have enjoyed today… it is enough.”

The Zebra and wildebeest were going about their eating, playing, resting, walking, courting in peace.   The humans were going about their running, preparing, helping, serving, organizing, transporting, looking, eating in peace … each in his or her own little space, right next to each other in the Garden.  Once again, I acknowledged that this was a truly wonderful place to be… and only God could have created it as it is.  Even with man’s perceived effort in building his niche in the garden, only God could have made it so that man and beast could live so closely in peace.  Only God could have planted the idea in man’s head, and given him the heart, resources, opportunity and ability to do this.


Today I am writing and praying thankful.  I have many blessings … and still desire many things… but I also recognize that what I have today… is enough.  A visit to the little corner of the Garden I used to live in reminded me of God’s beautiful creation in its most natural fullness … a truly great blessing.  So I say, “It is enough”.  

As I say this I begin to realize that each and every day, what God gives me is enough.  Even though I do not finish what I want to do… even though I do not receive what I expect to receive… even though there are so many things to do to get everything its right place in my view of life, even though there are many challenges to overcome whether real or perceived, I know that today, and each and every day, just as it is … is enough… in God’s light … on God’s path … in obedience to Him that is the creator of all things.

… and as I look at this life in that little corner of the Garden … in my current little corner of the Garden… experience it, remember it, and recognize God’s presence in it, I say to God: “thank You… it is enough, it is enough just as it is.  Amen”


Come … walk with me in the Garden.

Copyright © 2012, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.

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