Reacting to the pain … in the Garden

The bear was walking through the woods in one of those places in the Garden where the people live in a fridge most of the time, and call ice from the sky ‘snow’. The bear did not know that some human beings had installed a foot trap somewhere along the route that he was using. Suddenly, the bear felt a sharp pain and found that he could not move one leg easily.  He panicked. Not knowing what had happened or how to help himself, the bear tore at the trap and eventually broke his foot free.

The pain was unbearable.  The poor bear ran for his life, believing that by running as fast as he could away from the place where he first felt the pain, he would be running away from the pain.  We all know what that meant… more pain, following him all the way, extensive blood loss … and a certain death if no one came to his rescue.

The story was in a book I read at a library as a child, and even though I cannot even faintly recall the rest of the story, the bear’s reaction to pain has remained with me, leading me to ask myself whether in fact I may at times be doing exactly the same.

How many times have I encountered a challenge and chosen to run away … leave the job … break the relationship … maybe even leave town? How many times have I found a project really tough and decided it was not worth it to continue? .. maybe not the projects… with projects I know I am like a dog to a bone, and won’t let go until is all finished and finished successfully… maybe I should be thanking God for that 🙂

But… going back to my storybook, even if the damage to the bear’s leg was not so great as to cause death through blood loss, the infection to the wound would certainly kill him in due course.  Yes, if the trappers had found the bear in the trap, they may also have killed him.  Yet, maybe the trap was not for him?

So I ask myself now… when we experience pain and run from it all the while blaming others around us, blaming fate or blaming God; are we not then doing the same thing?  Do we then not also face certain death … of zest for life… of our purpose in life … of our spirits? Can anyone live at all with a broken spirit?  Or will they just exist, half here and half on the way out of life.

Should the bear survive the experience, he should certainly learn from it and not walk around the same area any more, or at least be more observant and careful when walking about in the woods.  But maybe roaring for help may have brought others (even helpful humans) to his aid. 

So maybe, seeking help to overcome the challenge rather than running away from it … maybe getting others involved in the challenge will bring us to a place of healing that allows the experience to strengthen us, rather than break us … to a place of success, rather than failure … to a place of faith and hope rather than fear?

Running away? ... in the Garden

Running away? … in the Garden

It is your choice to make.  Are you experiencing pain?  What are you doing about it? Have you cried out to God for help?  Then what else are you doing about it? From my experience, God answers through your prayer and your positive action to try and overcome the challenge. You are certainly not likely to hear His voice from above saying: ‘Go ye now and do …’

How are you going to react to the pain in your life today?

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

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2 thoughts on “Reacting to the pain … in the Garden

  1. Caroline June 18, 2012 at 9:59 pm Reply

    Hmmm…not so sure how am going to deal with the current pain just yet !!! 😦

    • daphinas June 19, 2012 at 5:46 am Reply

      hmmm…. maybe if the bear had stopped to look and find out what the cause of the pain was, he might have been able to force open the trap with his mighty paws 🙂 .. only he did not have the capacity to think … but you do 🙂   Most sources of pain are either the threat of loss of, or the conflict with, something of great value to you.  And if that something is among your top 10 core values, then the pain grows exponentially… so have you identified the true source of your pain?  When you do this you will usually get 50% relief, and a clearer idea how best to tackle the source of the pain … with your mighty hands and the help of God.   E.g. you live and work in a beautiful sunny location, and you absolutely love being in the sun… in fact you live for it.  Then your boss offers you a promotion… but the location is in a place where the winters are bitterly cold and the sun is only trully experienced for 2-3 weeks in a year…. em.. the decision will be long and painful if you do not realise that the real source of conflict is that sunshine you are going to miss.   Or you are dedicated to living by the 10 commandments of God.  Then you get a new job and find yourself in a company where the only way to succeed in doing anything is through lying, cheating and running over anyone and anything that may remotely seem to stand in your way.  The company has a wonderful brand image, but nobody prepared you for what you were going to find on the inside… It does not present itself quite so obviously … people are friendly and say teh right words … seem to do the right thing … but underlying it all there is all that subtle lying, cheating…. If you recognise what the real source of conflict is, you will spend less time being unhappy with your situation at work, make a decision and proceed knowing exactly why youare doing whatever you decide to do, in peace.   Am I making any headway in helping relieve that pain? Ophelia Join me in helping someone overcome a challenge they are facing in their job, or in their business   Serengeti Moments (Watch this DVD of my morning with elephants in the Garden) Sneak Peek: Come… Walk with me in the Garden (and invite your friends too)

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