Like an Ostrich … in the Garden

It was another busy day, and I was on my way to a campsite where I had to restore communications in a hurry.  The way to the campsite was filled with wildlife as usual, but one member of the bird species was particularly fascinating as always.  As I drove along the winding dirt road, I saw an Ostrich about 200m ahead of me to my right.  

Driving onward at a dutiful 40km per hour (yes….40…), the road wound towards the Ostrich briefly and then away.  I was nowhere near where the Ostrich was, and would not in any way get anywhere near it. But only I knew that.  Only I, had the knowledge and vision to see that the road would turn away from the Ostrich completely and we would never meet.

But to the Ostrich, the vehicle signified a source of danger that was greater than it could understand … so it ran.  It ran faster than life itself straight towards the vehicle but at an angle such that it would have crossed the road ahead of me … had I been stationery … and would hopefully get away to safety… even though it was already safe.

Running like an Ostrich ... in the Garden

Running like an Ostrich … in the Garden

However, I was not stationery and try as it might, the Ostrich was never going to get ahead of the vehicle if I kept driving since the road was winding away from the Ostrich as well.  I stopped, thinking how foolish this bird was to think that the best way to overcome a challenge was to cut across it’s path at top speed without understanding that challenge in the least bit.

Yet, how many times do we do that very same thing in our lives?

“Eeek! Not me!”, You might be thinking.

Hmmm… how about that conflict with the one(s) we love that we try to overcome by getting the upper hand in the conflict… instead of stopping to understand the source of the problem and then addressing it calmly… and end up exacerbating the problem… or even creating one where there was none…

…and that competitor whom we try to beat by reducing our prices without first understanding the real reason why our customers are moving to the competitor instead of staying with us…

… and that teenager or staff member we reprimand without first understanding what drove them to make the mistake in the first place…maybe it was not even a mistake, but the right thing to do under the circumstances…. maybe? Maybe there was no problem after all?

Hmmm… maybe a little prayer to God will help… to ask that He open our eyes to see the road more clearly, and to grant us His wisdom and guidance to address the challenges we face correctly.

Yes, I am sure it is better to walk with God in the Garden… than to run like an Ostrich every time I hear something come along that looks like a problem… straight into the… or a … problem.

Do pray with me for God’s wisdom, and …

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

Copyright © 2012. Ophelia Swai.  All Rights Reserved.


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