Crystal Clear … in the Garden

The challenges of life … always there, always present.  Each time you think you have completed something and can rest, another challenge comes through.  In what seems to be a determined effort to stretch you to the limit, the Garden throws another gauntlet and waits… as if to say: ‘catch this one if you can!’ Like a game of cricket, you keep swinging  your bat with all your skill and might, in the hope that this hit will be a good one, and you can run a full round without someone catching the ball and effectively stopping you in your tracks…

Many say that if you are lucky you will make a good hit and complete the round … realize your dreams.  But many, many times you do not finish, and have to complete the round in fits and starts.  Each time you fail to make a good hit, your completion of the round … the realization of your goals … begins to depend on someone else.  As you wait for someone else to swing the bat, you stand in place and wonder when it will be your turn again… when you will have the chance to make that good hit that will allow you to simply win the game, not just for yourself, but for your team, for your family, for your friends … You stand in place and wonder when you will find your own dream again, and stop living someone else’s dream.

Yes … if you are lucky…

But a good cricketer knows that to be a success in your game, you cannot depend on luck, but only on your skills as a team player and on your individual skills.  A good cricketer knows that you have to find the right way to make that hit good every time, with precision and with clarity as to what you want to achieve each time round … with crystal clear clarity as to what dream you want to achieve, why, and how you will achieve it.  That dream of success can only come with clarity about your natural talent, the areas where you need to improve, the dedicated growth of your skills, and the courage and determination to go for it and act swiftly when the opportunity comes… when your turn to hit that ball comes.

And a good God-fearing cricketer also knows that success is even more fulfilling, when it is guided by God to receive the clarity you need, and then use it wisely, purposefully and courageously to achieve that which is according to His will.

Are you planning on making a good hit?

Crystal Clear new beginning in the Garden

Crystal Clear new beginning in the Garden

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

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