Saving the Garden

When God created man, it is said that He specifically gave man a command to  take care of all of His creation on earth.  The story of the Garden of Eden tells us, that it was only after God had given Adam that specific instruction that He noticed that Adam was ok taking care of creation, but was lonely… and the rest is history.

It was therefore with great amazement when I first visited that great and adventure-filled little corner of the Garden called the Serengeti, having expressed concern about the wild animals (and especially the buffalo), was told that all animals know man to be the ‘super-predator’. With that knowledge, comes fear of ‘man’.  Therefore, if man get’s into their personal space, their only reaction is to defend themselves from certain death.

A vulnerable buffalo will defend himself if you get too close ... in the Garden

A vulnerable buffalo will defend himself if you get too close … in the Garden

The congruence between the biblical story and man’s experience of animals in the wild gave me pause for thought.  God’s creation still views man as the master on earth, even though God banished man from the Garden of Eden.  This task of taking care and therefore of being the master of creation was never taken away by God.

It makes me sad therefore when I think and see how much man has abrogated his duties to concentrate so fully on himself as to render God’s creation endangered in so many different ways and so many different places … so much so that he has in turn endangered his very own existence.

Everywhere I turn, I see and hear of man’s activities resulting in deforestation, over-usage of land, pollution, global warming and lack of ever so important rain that gives us water and allows plants to grow… a core element of life itself.

Will we ever stop allowing ourselves to be deceived by that deceitful serpant and eating that fruit at the centre of the Garden out of selfishness and self-centredness? I know I dream of a utopia when I say this, but what if we stopped demolishing the Garden and started taking care of it as we were supposed to?  Would we not find ourselves right back in the Garden of Eden?

I thank God for the opportunity to experience His creation so beautifully in that little corner of the Garden, and I pray that more and more each day, we will all take a little step closer to fulfilling that command which God gave us so long ago … to take good care of His creation … and so create for our ourselves and future generations a place that we can truly recognize as an ever more beautiful Garden.

Teach your child to love God’s creation starting today… and play your part in saving our beautiful Garden from a certain extinction… no matter what anyone else is doing, for every little act helps to change our Garden and to change others who are with us in the Garden.  Do join me … and nurture the Garden with me… for an ever more beautiful sunrise everyday.

An ever more beautiful sunrise in the Garden

An ever more beautiful sunrise in the Garden

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

Copyright © 2012. Ophelia Swai.  All Rights Reserved.


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