Enough … in the Garden

The wildebeest migration had come through again.  They always came in large numbers, but this time there were more than I had ever seen in 6 years of being in the little corner of the Garden.  They were just about everywhere… and the raucous from their rutting was almost deafening.

Sharing resources in the Garden

Sharing resources in the Garden

I had watched 2 of them fight one day… that fight that stopped as soon as they realized I was watching, even as their next of kin and friends continued about their business without butting in, whether to stop the fight or to contribute to it.  It was the rutting season for them and their fight was known to be a show of strength in competition for the females… an age old competition in creation.

The wildebeest are known to decimate the vegetation whenever they visit any place.  When they came by, the tall, tall elephant grass would be demolished so quickly, that we called them ‘the natural lawn mowers’.  Yet, even as they ate the vegetation to the ground, I did not once see any fights about food itself … something we human beings have not learned yet.  Despite their large numbers, and despite the scarcity of food when they begin to eat the food to the ground, they simply moved away to the next place, trusting that somehow there will always be a place with something to eat… trusting in nature and its ability to replenish itself so that they can feed well, even when there is a drought …

…in sharp contrast to the way we human beings live.  While the wildebeest go about freely, we live in constant fear of not having enough to eat or to entertain ourselves with … in fear of not having enough resources.  It gets harder when we have been brought up in a place where there is not enough to eat, and as we go about our days, the fear of poverty gnaws at us and drives half to death, as we struggle to get more than our fair share of daily bread… thinking that with more than enough to eat, we shall somehow prevent poverty from assaulting us in our young and old days.  Forgetting completely that God is the one that gives, we are willing to go to any lengths to assuage our needs… such lengths as to cause the death in mind, body and spirit of those around us through our words and deeds.

On the other end of the scale are those that will not lift a finger to do anything.  Don’t get me wrong … I am not talking about those that try to do something, but do not get the chance simply because there are no opportunities.  I am talking about those that have the opportunities, but simply refuse to do anything, out of laziness or pride regarding the type of jobs they will accept to do … unknowingly causing pain and distress to those around them that care for them and end up having to take care of them… unknowingly slowly killing the spirits of those who love them who are forced to watch them slowly destroy themselves.  Did God not say: ‘Thou shall not kill’?

So … the wildebeest can teach us something… that there can be enough to eat if we were all willing to work for it honestly, and then share what we can of it.  

No matter what end of the scale you are in, are you willing to make a change and give more to life … starting today?

The sun shines for everyone ... in the Garden

The sun shines for everyone ... in the Garden

Come … walk with me in the Garden.


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