Obedience … in the Garden

An elephant herd had come by the office.  When I drove down the slope to the parking lot I thought that they had moved on.  After all, had I not detoured to the staff mess for a whole 15 minutes?  I was so certain they had moved on, that I did not look around well enough and I was already out of my vehicle and walking down the pathway towards the office building before I noticed that there were elephants on either side of the lawn through which I was traipsing… almost singing like a lark at having got to the office on time after all.

I was too late to do anything about the situation… there was no point in running, and I had to steel myself and keep walking steadily.  I soon realized that the elephants actually wanted nothing to do with me.  They were too busy minding their own business.  I also noticed that almost all my colleagues were all along the office verandah standing in great awe at the elephant herd … we worked in the bush, but were still awed by the wonder and majesty of the Garden we were living in.

I got onto the verandah, opened my office door for a quick dash in if needed and joined my colleagues to watch the elephant herd.  It was a big herd with all ages in it.  We watched happily as a tiny baby elephant walked away from under the belly of its mother and began to explore.  They were getting comfortable with our like standing there and watching them.  But when people started to walk closer to try and take snaps of the little one, not just one, but a number of elephants moved closer around the little one and put it firmly back under the belly of one of them.  Great thing is… the little one quickly obeyed… and stayed there for safety.

Obedient baby elephant in the Garden

Obedient baby elephant in the Garden

… The little one obeyed… and stayed there for safety.  Something that not all human children do… unless their parents really work hard at it… and even then, they chose whom to obey and whom not to… not just anybody in the community around them.  And so they grow up into adults, that do not quite obey their leaders, nor quite obey God.  Yes, this is a truly difficult lesson if there ever was one, as it requires such complete trust to obey… or fear. Yet it is obedience to God that is the fulfillment of all of God’s commandments, for we cannot obey God without obeying all of His commandments.

The baby elephant obeyed its elders, and so remained safe…and I know that if we obey God, He too will keep our souls safe… no matter what happens to our bodies, or our lives in this great and beautiful Garden that He has created.  I know too that by obeying God, we will find that not just our souls, but our bodies and lives are safer too, for He will guide us on the right way to take through the maze of life that we create for ourselves in the name of seeking happiness.  I know too that in obeying God, we begin to experience true and lasting happiness, a joy that seeps from deep within our souls and fills our whole being.

It is wonderful to walk with God in the Garden… for His mercy endures and never ends… do you want to join me?

Come … walk with me in the Garden

Copyright © 2012, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved


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