Walking in God’s path … in the Garden

Have you ever planned to do something, prepared everything and then had everything you planned go horribly wrong?  Have you had a day or period when nothing seems to go right no matter what you do that day or that month … or that year?  Or had the plan go right, but then not feel the joy or happiness you expected… it lasts too short a time before life begins its demands again and pulls back into that state of … well, no more joy.

Sometimes we blame ourselves for not doing something right… sometimes we blame others… sometimes we blame the elements, the animals, the plants, society in general, religion… something or someone has to be to blame for things not working.  But often, if you are like me, you will blame yourself… you did not prepare enough… you did not get the right team together … you did not communicate the objective to the team well enough… your plan was not good enough… and on and on.

Yet, very often we forget that no matter what plans we make, it is through God that things work for the best … in fact, if we rather chose to follow God’s plan through prayer, God’s plan is more complete than we can perceive.  We fail to see that a single step of God’s plan touches everything in our lives in one go, and so deeply that we can only stand in awe.  We forget that without God, our plans are empty and even if they succeed as we perceived, they are very often sources of satisfaction only for a short time.  Not long after, we will go in search of another plan that we hope will bring us the kind of happiness or joy that we seek.

God's beautiful Garden lighting up in the morning

God's beautiful Garden lighting up in the morning

It took a long time, but I finally understood that God knows the right path always, and if we involve Him in our plans, we are more likely to find the right path if we take heed of what He says.  It is in giving God the role of being our Father and Guide that we find our paths straight and our days organized so well that we end the day amazed at what we have been able to achieve, give and receive… and when we think about it more deeply, we begin to see the effect it has had in other areas of our lives we did not expect, and in the lives of others as well.

Yes, it is amazing to find that always, God’s blessing to me, is a blessing to others as well, both directly and indirectly … from the person that realizes God’s power, love and mercy and draws closer to Him from seeing God’s blessing to me … to the person that also receives the same blessing at the same time… a blessing that is so complete that we cannot fathom it all except by slowly realizing that we are reaping and reaping and reaping the fruits of that one blessing for a long time and in many ways… every day finding new joy which only God can give.

For sure that is infinitely better than the short lived joy of completing my own so called wonderful plan that does not involve God in any way at all.  Yes, God’s plan is always complete, will always succeed, and will always grant joy and blessings in many different ways for you and those connected to you.

I thank God for teaching me to follow His way, and as I continue to strive to follow Him and seek His guidance in all my plans, I know this will make my stay in His great and beautiful Garden exactly as He has created it to be for me.  Will you join me?

God's beautiful Sunrise ... in the Garden

God's beautiful Sunrise ... in the Garden

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

Copyright © 2012, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.


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