Finding your own place of peace and happiness … in the Garden

The lake looked beautiful and its waters clear as a bell.  The waves over it shimmered in the sun giving the impression of a multitude of tin roofs all lined up next to each other. 

A beautiful lake ... in the Garden

A beautiful lake ... in the Garden

To get to the lake shore one had to go down a steep slope running about 100m down. 

It seemed easy at first… the slope was gentle.  Then as we got closer to the lake surface itself, our guide gently informed us that there were going to be some tough spots and we were to watch exactly where he stepped, and step at those exact positions lest we go tumbling down to the lake shore quite unceremoniously and painfully.

My tough veneer was beginning to fade as the short walk grew tougher…. going downhill is not so easy at all, I thought… and the care we had to take stepping carefully behind our guide took its toll.  I was breathing heavily and my moccasins (certainly not made for climbing or going down steep slopes) began to pinch my toes.  I wondered how it would be going back up if going down was this tough, but somehow, I kept the pace.

We reached the bottom of the slope and onto the lake shore itself where cool waters on my feet finally eased the pain of the pinching shoes.  The view from the shores of the lake was just as beautiful as at the top, but with the added cool breeze and crystal clear water splashing against the rocks and onto my feet, this was certainly better than the top.

The walk down had been worth it. If only we could set up camp here so that we did not have to go back up.  This place was peaceful and safe, and was so much cooler than the hot, breeze-free top.

Eventually, we had to go back up… and it was surprisingly easier… until the muscles I never knew existed presented themselves the next day… 

Now that the muscles are no longer making themselves felt, I begin to ponder at the phenomenon of the difficulty of the downhill walk.  So often we think of a climb being more difficult, but as I found out, sometimes, it is the going down that is more difficult.  Yet it is possible to find a place at the bottom of that slope that is better than anything you ever thought possible… a place that is filled with the awesome power and beauty of God’s creation, a place that is a manifestation of His love and blessings beyond anything you could ever have imagined.

Sometimes going down is harder than climbing up ... in the Garden

Sometimes going down is harder than climbing up ... in the Garden

So I look at our lives today… where we work tirelessly and endlessly looking for our best way up the ladder of success, fame, fortune, happiness.  We have convinced ourselves that the only way to true happiness is up this ladder that we have ourselves created.  Yet, God’s blessings come in many forms and in many places, if only we believe in Him, trust in Him and obey Him.

Yes… sometimes it may look like we are going down the ladder of success, fame, fortune, and happiness.  By human standards and understanding, this downward slide cannot bring us to those things, yet it is right at the foot of that slope that God’s heavenly blessings are revealed… and you may never want to leave that place again … for He will show you His love, mercy, blessings, happiness, and peace beyond anything you could ever have imagined.

I have put my faith and trust in God, and know that as I obey Him, He will show me the right way to that which He has already laid out for me… wherever that may be.  I am walking closely with God in the Garden.  Will you join me?

Come … walk with me in the Garden

Copyright © 2012, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.


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2 thoughts on “Finding your own place of peace and happiness … in the Garden

  1. Kennedy Gurusya January 29, 2012 at 8:51 am Reply

    Thank you Ophelia You have shown us how we can inter plate nature into our daily lives in relation with our Creator and so everybody has the obligation to preserve nature.

  2. Janise Impson February 4, 2012 at 2:30 pm Reply

    When 1 conceives the problem at hand, i’ve to agree along with your finishes. You distinctly show cognition about this subject and i’ve much to learn right after reading your post.Quite a few salutations and i will come back for any additional updates.

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