Praying for the right things … in the Garden

As I sat at home one evening in my new corner of the Garden I wondered what I would do if it rained on Saturday.  How was I going to get to church on Sunday morning?  The half a kilometer stretch from the main road to the house is a steep slope of dirt road that is in such a bad state that 4-Wheel vehicles were getting stuck going downhill after the rain.  Not only is it slippery, there is a huge ditch on one side, and the road only takes 1 vehicle going one way at a time.

So I stepped out for a walk whilst pondering.  The rains have been very late this year … there was a team from the municipal council that had been trying to expand and level the road a little to make it passable …  then the rains began and the road project had to stop.  However, a week later, the sun came out again and for 3 days there had been no rain… and no work on the road again.

Why were they not acting quickly? The rains were supposed to be running continuously and this break was a big opportunity… the rain would be back any minute, and the 4 wheel vehicles that were getting stuck during the rains had made such big ruts that no saloon vehicle could use that road again.  If it rained, there was no leaving or coming to this place except on foot.  As the thoughts ran round in my head, I jokingly asked an older gentleman in the garden whether I should pray for rain or for the road to be fixed.

He thought for a while, and then wisely said, “Rain is needed by every living thing … man, animals, birds, plants… every living thing needs water to live.”  He took a deep breath, then continued to say, “Yet the road is used by everybody and when it is in good condition it brings about development.” He repeated these 2 statements over and over again, as though weighing them, yet I could already see the answer he had given me.  The road would serve me and the few that needed to use it… the rain would serve every living thing within reach of it… and it would definitely cover more ground than that half kilometer stretch of road. 

I thought to myself, how wise he is, and immediately resolved to pray for rain. I would find another way to get to Church on Sunday.  Half a kilometer is not the end of the world even on a steep slippery slope.

So I prayed for rain … and continue to pray.

There is still no rain 5 days after it stopped, but the municipal council officials returned instead … on the very next day … the evening before Sunday …  and as the older gentleman in the Garden excitedly told me, they had made the road so smooth, that to him it was smooth as glass!

Smooth as glass? ... in the Garden

Smooth as glass? ... in the Garden

I know that God understood exactly what was going inside of me and I thank Him for showing me how selfish I was being… and for understanding me and loving me enough to still grant me my other wish, once I resolved to stop being selfish.  I thank Him for also showing me that when one prays for the right things, He will grant you the rest, for He knows exactly what you need… even more than you do yourself.

So … I continue to pray for rain, so that all of God’s creation can benefit, and experience the love and mercy of God that we need.  I pray too for God’s wisdom … the He may use it to guide me through life on the road ahead … in His light … always.  Will you join me?

Come … walk with me in the Garden ®

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4 thoughts on “Praying for the right things … in the Garden

  1. Kennedy Gurusya November 7, 2011 at 9:36 pm Reply

    Yes Ophelia Usually God responds to our prayers according to His will,He knows what we needs more and what is helpful and important to us, a right thing at a right time, and at a right place. Perseverance in prayers is very important

  2. Kennedy Gurusya November 7, 2011 at 9:56 pm Reply

    Always let us try to do a right thing at a right place and at the right time.

  3. Caroline November 8, 2011 at 5:08 am Reply

    Hi Ophie,

    Thanks – for reminding me to focus on the “right things” in prayer rather than on what I know are just the selfish desires of my heart no matter how I try to phrase and/or paraphrase them.

    Keep blessing us … from the Garden.


  4. Martin bikuri November 8, 2011 at 6:47 pm Reply

    Thanks Ophilia for reminding us about these everyday miracles which unfortunately we never seem to notice and take for granted.We must get to thank God for these otherwise even if Jesus appeared we would still doubt.

    Thanks for the lessons

    Martin B

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