Friendship … in the Garden

So much happens in the Garden that sometimes I am overwhelmed as to what to share and what not to share.  Yet, it is the little things that happen that make me stop to think and thank God for His mercy.  It is the little things like the Dikdik who no longer scampers away when I approach my front door in the  moonlight, by the false marula tree.  The dikdik that watches quietly, as I pass by almost tiptoeing, because I do not want to scare him away… and then finally… almost miraculously… turns back to eating peacefully, as if to say, “I know you.  You will not harm me… I am safe.”

As I step into the house, smiling, I begin to think about human relationships, and the effort it takes to build them to a place where we are able to breathe, relax and say, “I know you.  You do not want to cause me pain… with you, I am safe.  With you, I feel, I will always be safe.” It is a wonderful feeling to have people around you whom you can say this about… whom you know you are safe with… because they have proved it to you time and time again… never letting you down, even ‘by mistake’, because they know what would hurt you and so strive not to hurt you. All that remains is for you to do the same, and a bond builds that does not fade, no matter what lies ahead.

At the bottom of it all lies trust…that has been built time and time again by the choices we make, to make the other person happy, and give to them what we have to give through every means available for the type of relationship that we have with them… much like the Dikdik that has learned to trust that I will not harm him, and so continues about his business of eating his meal under the false marula tree, on this cool and fresh evening.

With that trust, comes the incredible gift of love that God has granted us.  A gift that allows us to care for one another, and care for that which is around us, from the Dikdik, to the giraffe, the elephant to the wildebeest, and every living thing there is, so that our Garden can grow more beautiful each day we live.

That surely sounds like a wonderful place to be – a place of trust and love.  By giving love in the Garden, through sharing what I have to give… that love of God which is inside me … I am able to live a life of true love and peace, no matter what lies ahead, or happens around me.  Will you join me?

Sunset... in the Garden

Sunset... in the Garden

Come … walk with me in the Garden

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One thought on “Friendship … in the Garden

  1. Sam Van Eman July 27, 2011 at 3:57 pm Reply

    Ophelia, thanks for stopping by at The High Calling. Your reflection here on community speaks of things close to my heart. Certainly I know we’re capable of hurting (and being hurt by) those we love, but trust has to be extended as much as possible. It’s a gift we must exchange, and the dikdik encounter is a fitting example of how it works.

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