Taking care of big shida the Garden

A beautiful sun even on a hot and dusty day... in the Garden

I am driving along the dirt road.  The dust cloud is rising behind me and I shudder to imagine the amount of dust that will rise and come in through my vehicle windows when I stop.  I have to calculate the stopping distance and start to put up the windows before I stop lest I choke and feel worse than I already feel in this hot dust bowl.

The rains are nowhere to be seen, and it is at least another month or 2 before we can expect another spot of rain… if it comes as it should.  I comment to my colleague that now would be a really good time for that unexpected shower that comes in the evening and settles the dust down a little bit.  But by evening, there is nothing.

As I turn round a bend in the road, I see a giraffe… tall… standing regally by the side of the road… I slow down to wave a greeting… and inadvertently save the giraffe from too much dust from my wheels… thankfully.  I move on, thinking how lovely it was to still meet with the rest of God’s creation, even as we all move around with a fine layer of reddish-brown dust from head to toe, and choke from the dust I still managed to raise right around me when I slowed down the vehicle.  How wonderful, because their presence is a sign of life, breathing, eating, drinking, and hopefully soon, showering in God’s mighty big shower in the garden.

Yes, sometimes life can be tough in the garden, and no… shida is no animal… or bird… or plane… it is a problem.  It is a big problem when there is no rain in the Garden, for with it comes life, but without it, only pain.  It is at times like this that we should ask… what can I do about it? Plant more grass?  Plant more trees?  Give Mother Nature back? Take care of his creation in the wild? It is at times like these, that we should stop and do something to help make our garden a better place, by tending and watering our garden right where God wants us to be… and make this garden a better place for everybody eventually… sometimes it is the plants that need our care, as much as the people and animals around us, so that the people and animals can live with less pain.

Will you join me?

Come … walk with me in the Garden

Copyright © 2011, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.

Let’s take a moment today, to pray for those millions truly without rain, and experiencing the deep pain of hunger, loss and distress, seemingly without an end … in God’s great and beautiful Garden.

Let us pray... in the Garden

Let us pray... in the Garden


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