Way too close? … in the Garden

The blood was pumping through my veins way too fast, as I thought: “How stupid of me to have done that!  I should have just turned back and gone to the mess where there were at least poles and a canvas between us.” Recalling that there were still the other 2 elephants behind me some 40 meters away, I stepped back as quietly and as quickly as possible … getting back into my vehicle and starting it up to drive out of the area. With no elephants on this side of the house I reversed quickly and started to drive out of my driveway when I saw the elephant moving on past the house.

I could turn back… and the sooner the better.  It was strange that the elephant decided to move on just then.. almost as if it had not realized I needed to get into the house and now wanted to give me room.  I parked again and walked quickly to the verandah… planning to make it before the other 2 decided to start moving towards the house.  It was at this point that I realized the wind was blowing away from the elephant towards me… s/he had no idea I had been there! That’s when my camera came out, and I began to take a few snaps before getting into the house for safety.

Come ... walk with me in the Garden

Way too close? ... in the Garden

The two other elephants and some10 or 15 others in different directions just a little further away stayed on for the afternoon essentially keeping me housebound… but I was not complaining… at least I was safely ensconced in a house and doing what I had planned…watching a movie, preparing dinner for friends, resting, and filming and taking photos for all I was worth … of the elephants being hassled by the noise of the wildebeest as they passed by, of the impala that settled in when the elephants and wildebeest moved on.. and those guinea fowl that have made my little corner of the Garden their home.

Yes, they are home… giving me the warm feeling one gets when someone they love comes home. 

The creation of God never ceases to amaze, and thrill me, for it manifests the magnificence, beauty and glory of God in full and glorious Technicolor … every time.

Wanna share my life?

Come … walk with me in the Garden

Copyright © 2011, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.


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One thought on “Way too close? … in the Garden

  1. shrinkingthecamel June 14, 2011 at 10:24 am Reply

    Wow! I am always so astounded when I visit your blog – it’s like an exotic detour from my suburban life. A visit by a herd of elephants? Keep taking those photos!

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