Falling off the treadmill of life … in the Garden

Traveling on the long road of life, you often feel there is just too much to do, and too little time to take in what has been done, what is being sought, how far you have come, and what it is all worth to you.  The treadmill of life often runs its own course and shows us where next… or so we think. 

Sometimes we  think we are dictating what next… until it stops us in our tracks and quite literally throws us off the mill… the bitter disagreement with someone close that does not make sense, the loss of something or someone valuable to us… a job, a home, a family… always a loss… that deep and painful feeling that is really caused by the loss of love itself… and the feeling of free falling through an abyss whose bottom does not seem to exist.  Yet, even as you fall, you are not sure whether to be glad that there is no hard ground to hit, or to be sad that you are in the abyss in the first place.

Too late, you realize the error you made… the assumption that as long as you held onto the treadmill and kept up the pace, all would be ok… the assumption that there is no supreme being that is in control of everything that exists.  Too late… or so you think… you come to the sudden realization that the loss of that valuable thing or person causing so much pain is a symbol of a love that you have lost or of a fear of a loss of love. 

Yes, that loss of the job could result in loss of love from family and friends… could it not?  What about loss of love for yourself … and the fear that if you cannot provide for yourself then maybe you are worthless?

But what could you have done?  Would a prayer a day have helped?  Would going to service more often have helped?  Many times, the answer does not seem to be forthcoming, and many times very little could have been done to prevent that sudden leap off the treadmill of life because the events that cause it are outside our control… and God’s way is not our way.

Come ... walk with me in the Garden

Yet the power of God remains… when in that dark abyss, reaching out to Him who created all of creation helps.  He gives, and He takes, but even when He takes, He comforts along the way, counseling, teaching, guiding and opening another way… if you just accept His will and receive His saving help, which comes always … in His time.

These words may sound hollow… as hollow as the abyss within which you find yourself.  They may not comfort, but there is still room to be still and listen.  He will show you your way, and will guide you and hold you as you go along … and soon… before you know it, you will be on solid ground again.  No … not having crashed painfully, but having landed softly as God gently holds you and puts you back on a path that He knows is safe.  Yes, God will still let you go through challenges as you need them, to grow in faith and love, but God does send His Holy Spirit and His angels to do His will and guide you safely back to solid ground with Him.

Now, it is up to you to decide… to hold onto that treadmill again as if your life and very existence depended upon it… or to let God guide you and manage that treadmill according to His will.  I found God in the Garden, in a way that I could never have, had I insisted on holding tightly to that fast moving treadmill.  I know He lives, loves and truly saves, each and every day that I live.  He walks beside me and carries me along the way … and is doing the same for you too… if you just stop … and listen… and pray, you will find Him in this great and beautiful Garden that is His creation.

Come… walk with me in the Garden

Come ... walk with me in the Garden

Copyright © 2011, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.

Dedicated to my loved ones in pain… in the Garden


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One thought on “Falling off the treadmill of life … in the Garden

  1. joshuakadege May 12, 2011 at 6:51 pm Reply

    Lovely, thank you.

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