…and ate my flour too! In the Garden

My eyes grew into very large saucers as I took in the scene before me…

There was a half eaten onion on the floor between the onion rack and the bin…. My packet of home baking floor was by the sink, slashed open and half gone.  One third was still in the pack, but the rest was scattered all over the kitchen table tops, floor… and yes… the telly stand!  The contents of my waste bin were scattered around the half eaten onion…and all I could think was: “whatever it is, is it still here?!”  I scanned the room… realized it was (or they were) not in the kitchen or the living room area… finally remembered to close the front door behind me lest I let even more intruders in, and tiptoed carefully towards the bathroom.  Thankfully the bedroom doors were still looking closed.

The bathroom was empty of intruders, but the bathtub had strange contents – a can of honey.  There were also tiny flour covered footprints all over the toilet seat, bathtub, towel rail… but the monkeys that were by now clearly the culprits were nowhere to be seen.  Thankfully goldilocks in this story had left before mummy bear got back home 🙂 .. and no… mummy bear did not forget the door open… just that tiny bathroom window that she never thought needed to be closed.

Now... what can I eat in there...

Now... what can I eat in there...

That’s all changed now… mummy bear will no longer be leaving any windows open… none whatsoever!   

Hmmm... now... where is that way in?

Hmmm... now... where is that way in?

 I finally got to rest my tired head on my pillow thinking about those poor monkeys … that raw flour they ate would be giving them some trouble I imagine… L… maybe they thought it was milk powder…. That would teach them not to enter people’s houses through small windows…. Oh… life always has its lessons 🙂 If it isn’t yours, don’t take it!

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2 thoughts on “…and ate my flour too! In the Garden

  1. Caroline May 6, 2011 at 1:39 pm Reply

    Ophie, Ophie, Ophie …

    You are lucky that the little intruders had long left the scene of the crime when mummy bear got there. They usually pee all over the place if they are caught “red-handed” so just be glad !!!


    • daphinas May 6, 2011 at 7:13 pm Reply

      Aren’t I just! They could also have scratched my eyes out in panic! lol!

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