A walking block of wood… in the Garden

Tired, hot and feeling gritty, I got home ready for a good shower and some shut eye.  The shower I could get, but the shut-eye… Well, at least I could get off the dusty clothes and shed off some dust. Thank God for water.

The animals in the Garden had moved to a place where there is shorter grass.  The grass around the house is once again competing with me height-wise… not a very good place for herbivores as it hides too many carnivores.  We had just returned from a game drive and had spent the last 2 or 3 hours staring in awe at the majesty of an endless plain of grass…

Come ... walk with me in the Garden

As far as the eye can see

 chock full of hundreds of all types of animals – tope, grant gazelle, thompson gazelle (tommies), impala, eland, wildebeest, warthogs, ostrich, the works! 

Come ... walk with me in the Garden

Tommies, Impala, Ostrich, the works!

We had even managed to see one old lion and a lioness lazing about in the sun some distance away from the location of the multitude of herbivores… hiding in the taller grass of course.

But now, the last 24 hrs were taking their toll.  A short night that only began at 2:00am after a long day at work the day before, and a flight back to our little corner of the garden at 8:00am that day was making me feel like a moving block of wood.  I remembered a statement once made by a teacher in high school and felt just like it: ‘ … nothing in head!’.  Yet, somehow I had managed to complete a full day of work and actually managed to make some coherent statements! At least no one had looked at me quizzically and asked: “What was that!?”… maybe they were just being kind 🙂

Come ... walk with me in the Garden

A walking block of wood ... one dirt airstrip after another

Anyway, I was glad I had gone on the game drive.  I had nearly forfeited it thinking I could do some more work in that state of mind.  Thankfully my colleagues coaxed me out of that bad idea.  With ‘…nothing in head!’ how was I expecting to put in any more hours?!

Refreshed from the shower I was ready to get back out for dinner and then finally that shut-eye I so needed… that chance for my mind, body and spirit to recover and replenish itself… that chance for me to wake up and feel human again.. O glorious sleep….

As I closed my eyes and wandered off into dreamland, I felt glad we had been able to achieve what we did … and grateful for the opportunity to work with colleagues with whom hard work is actually fun.  No roaring lions, snoring birds or howling hyenas this night… not even marula fruit munching dikdiks … just the quiet rustle of leaves and blades of grass swaying gently in the breeze…

Wanna share my life?

Come… walk with me in the Garden.

Copyright © 2011, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.


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2 thoughts on “A walking block of wood… in the Garden

  1. IRENE April 20, 2011 at 1:26 pm Reply

    I like this scenery. I would sacrifice some me time to just step into that garden! Lucky you are able to relax with nature after a hard day’s work.

  2. Caroline April 20, 2011 at 4:36 pm Reply

    Can’t wait for our visit !!! And I won’t even mind having the roaring lions, snoring birds, howling hyenas or even the marula fruit munching dikdiks nearby !!! 😉

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