Bread and Butter … in the Garden

“Bread and(y) butter! Bread and(y) Butter! Mkate wa Bata! Mkate wa Bata!”

The CD is playing softly, but the musician is rather emphatic. He is shouting about Bread and Butter… though I can’t quite make out what about it. As I drive along the road to church, I notice that the baboons are not running along the road beside the vehicle today. In fact they are nowhere to be seen.

The grass is tall again, and it surely needs to be burned … again. The rains are showing signs of arriving, and new shoots of grass will be tasty and nutritious for all who eat it … if we burn the tall grass in good time. Yes … it is time for the burns again. This is the role that we play… to give our fellow creation tastier and more nutritious ‘bread and butter’ … that newly growing grass that is their ‘daily bread’, and to give them a chance to live their own version of a perfect dream.

The song on the CD has now changed, but I am still thinking about that bread… and butter. How much of our time it takes… from the moment we finish school (for those of us who are lucky enough to attend school), leave home, and start the long road of life ahead. From that moment, everything we do is geared towards … ‘making our daily bread’ … earning that living we always wanted, and creating that life we always dreamed we would live.

So much to do every day, running this way and that…hoping … wishing … praying … planning … organising … maneuvering … cajoling … wining and dining… trusting that what we do to seek our daily bread, will be fruitful. Often we get it… that bread… but even more often, the life we live and the life we dream of are not quite the same, which in turn makes us always unhappy. We wish, we hope, and some of us pray… we beg, we borrow, and some of us steal… always seeking the same thing: that which we dream of having … fulfillment, happiness, wealth, power… oh so many things.

Some of us work hard… some of us not so hard at all… many of us somewhere in between. Some of us give up, so few achieve our dream, yet many of us keep striving to realize that perfect dream even when we do not know how we are going to realize it.

And so, day after day, we keep going… working, planning, reaching out, searching within, and saying to ourselves: “if only we just…. if only we could…. if we didn’t do… if we hadn’t… surely we can make it? … surely we will be happy?” Until one day… if we did not give up along the way… we realize the dream… and find that what we feel is not what we dreamed we would feel, or that the feeling lasts too short a time… or… something… . We are not happy, and have to start on the road again. How could that be? Could we have been chasing the wrong dream? What happened?

Yet the answer is in the Word of God that we are taught so often. From what I have read and learned, chasing after the right dream can only come from seeking to do God’s will. And here’s a little secret I have found out along the way: God already knows what would make us truly happy right here on earth as well as in heaven… even if we ourselves do not know what that is. That is awesome understanding for me. It is such good news… and such a relief.

I have also learned that doing God’s will is not something magical as in a dream… but is in simply following His commandments to love Him with all our hearts, souls, mind and strength; and loving our neighbors as ourselves. In so doing, as we continue believing in His promise to take care of us as He does the rest of His creation, our hearts will be guided to seek the right dreams, to do the right things in the right way and so receive the right fruits … the right ‘bread and butter’ that has the capacity to make us trully happy.  Thus making our God-led and deeply understood and fulfilling dreams come alive as they ought to, as we walk in this Garden towards His heavenly kingdom.

So as you walk, run, play, achieve, strive, hope, and dream in your little corner of the Garden, remember to live your life according to God’s will, and to pray, that God will guide you along your way and show you what He truly means when He says ‘Come… I will show you’ as He has said so often to me in my heart when I pray. Remember to pray that Jesus guide you and show you what He truly means when He says: ‘…I am the Way …’.

Come … walk with me in the Garden.

Waking up to a new day in prayer... in the Garden

Waking up to a new day in prayer... in the Garden

Copyright © 2011, Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.


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