Is this all there is to life in the Garden?

Something new to look forward to... on the dawn of a new day

Something new to look forward to... on the dawn of a new day

Many years ago, I thought and felt that my main aim in life was to grow in the corporate world, be at the forefront of the technology wave; be a great applications developer and solution deliverer; create complex, yet functional and cost effective information systems and networks; and be the best I can be in everything technology.

I have in fact come a long way in doing that, and looking back gives me a sense of pride:  that I have carved out a niche for myself in this big old Garden, and realized so much of my dream while giving the best that I had to give.

Then, as I discovered and began my walk in the Garden, I began to feel that now that I had achieved much of my big dream in locations and ways I had never dreamed or thought of, I had to find a new a new goal … a new dream … something new and exciting.  The prayers and the thinking seemed to be never ending and I often despaired of ever finding that fresh beginning.  Life was becoming a pain because I had no goal to look forward to…nothing exciting to work towards… yes, I could strive to continue to grow in the ICT field, but something was missing and until I understood what that was, I was not going to be happy.

That was until God answered me in His usual way and in His usual time (His time).  He answered me so profoundly more than two years ago, that as I looked at my options for a new beginning, I found myself almost confused… which one would I begin with?  Where should I start?  What was the best way forward?  Would this negate my first dream?  I was not ready to let that go … and still am not ready.

More answers came to me even as I learned more and more about what I truly feel about life and all that is happening around me.  I rediscovered old dreams that I had shoved aside in pursuit of my first dream, but more importantly, I found a lot about what had driven me in my first dream, and what was now driving me in all my newly discovered and rediscovered dreams: a deep seated desire to help those in need, and in fact, save people in need.

Even more startling for me was the realization that every decision I had made through life was to help no matter what the source of pain … even if it turned out in fact to be the person in need themselves.  What I had not realized, was the right place and way to do this more fully.  Information technology management is such a small part of that spectrum.

‘Come … walk with me in the Garden’ was a call I had heard in my heart almost 7 years ago, and it became a call through which I got to know more about God.  Then, with God’s revelation more recently, it began to guide me to a new beginning… a place where the lives of others are improved in different ways every day, not only through my day job which remains my first dream, but also through giving in other ways – this blog being one of them.  I do not have the skills to provide help in ways other than through information technology or my own personal experience of God and life, but I do have the skills and understanding to dare to venture into facilitating connections between those who can help with those who need help… after all, I am in the Information and Communications Technology Industry, aren’t I?

And so became with the call to walk with me in the Garden… An opportunity for more people to participate and create a very real experience of the Garden of Eden in each of our lives.  “How?”, you might ask.  Through each one of us taking the time to use the strengths and experience we have to guide one another through troubling times.  A tool for people to help … maybe save …  or heal one person at a time, and themselves be helped… saved… or healed one person at a time.  For now it is about careers and business… who knows what will come next…. Or how?

A cauldron of excitement and anxiety now bubbles inside me as I wonder when the first person will be helped, and what difference this dream of mine will make.  Wouldn’t it be great if hundreds, thousands and even millions were to be healed through this? Yet even one soul helped would be a blessing – enough to make me grin from ear to ear for at least one day.

A dream to help others through using my technological skills and understanding has come alive in 2011 …   a dream that provides me with an opportunity to give unreservedly and almost indiscriminately to people in need and also give this opportunity to people with similar desires and dreams as me to help people in need. Yet, even as I make my attempts to give, a stark realization washes through me… that no matter what I give, everything I have to give has been received beforehand by me, from God the Father Almighty … and it is through Him, with Him and in Him that a soul can be helped, saved, or healed.  It is with Him that I walk in the Garden every day and it is with Him that I invite you to join me today and…

Come … walk with me in the Garden

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3 thoughts on “Is this all there is to life in the Garden?

  1. shrinkingthecamel January 24, 2011 at 12:19 am Reply

    Ophelia – What a great Vision you have! It’s so grand and noble, as a Vision should be. Who knows where it will lead, but you have it in your heart, led by God, and in time it will be revealed in more detail. You are in the process of “Becoming.” Ride along with it.

    You are an inspiration, there in the garden!

  2. Dena Dyer February 4, 2011 at 12:56 am Reply

    Bradley’s right. Visions should be grand, and your is. How exciting to hear about your journey. Thanks for joining The High Calling…It’s great to have you as a part of network. I think you’ll find a lot of like-minded souls! 🙂

    • daphinas February 6, 2011 at 4:34 pm Reply

      Thanks Dena,

      I hope and pray that it all turns out as I believe it will by God’s grace.

      Yes, The High Calling has a lot of like minded souls. It is a great place to be and wonderful to be amongst so many who feel the same way about God and life.

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