Overcoming fear in the Garden … 2

It was clear that this was the one that I had seen rush past the office.  I had to make a choice…. There were 3 snakes inside the office and 1 outside that I had seen.  I also had to worry about what I may not have seen in the bushy area outside the back of the office.  Concentrating on what I had seen, I decided that facing 1 snake made more sense that facing 3 snakes.  In any case the strength in my arms when in that position was not enough to pull me back up.  Still saying my prayers to God for safety I dropped to the ground and ran off in the direction away from the snake on the ground.

I eventually got round the building to the reception with the help of one wonderfully helpful soul that jumped out the back of the building from the reception to escort me round (I will be forever grateful to him for that hand of consolation).  I called the right people for help this time and they rushed to my rescue (to them too will I be forever grateful). 

When I told them what the snake looked like they assured me that it was a harmless type.  I did not believe them until I saw them hold the snakes by the tail with their hands and move them from the office to a tree by the vehicle parking.  As they moved, the snakes kept trying to maneuver themselves up to cling to their hands, but they kept yanking them down like yoyos.

Then one snake was too fast and bit one of them. I felt guilty for having asked them to help and thought I had put them in danger by doing this….

Yet the young man put the snake on the tree and drove to the bar for a beer.  I could hardly believe it!  When I spoke to them at the bar, they responded, “We told you, these snakes are harmless.  But why do you think they came into your office?”

It took some time, but I finally figured it out.  They were there to look for the lizard that had taken refuge in the office a few days before.

It was a harrowing experience, but at the end of the day I learned something new.  God takes care of us and is the one that keeps us safe – no question about this.  But then I knew that, hence my prayers to Him for safety.  What I had not put my mind to by then was another important lesson.  Through this experience, I learned that those snakes wanted nothing to do with me.  All they wanted was their daily bread, and I was in the way of them getting it. 

Had I chosen to fight with them they might have hurt me, fearing for their lives and livelihood.  Though they turned out to be harmless, an encounter with them without knowing their true intent or capacity made me very distressed and afraid.  Even if I had been the stronger and hurt them, it would have been for no good reason other than… I was afraid. No good reason at all since we just happened to be at the same place where they could find their daily bread.

And so my question to you today:  how many times do we react in self defense against someone of whom we are afraid without understanding them?   Could we perhaps be making assumptions about their true intentions?  Could a question or two to them or to those that know them, give us a better insight to their needs and thus allow us the opportunity to react more amicably?  Could we perhaps prevent emotional, spiritual, social, psychological, career, relationship, physical or other bloodshed, if we took the time to learn and understand the true need of another person?  Could that understanding, coupled with taking the time to show or guide them on how to get what they want or need in a better way create a better environment for both them and us?

The next time someone’s actions or words threaten and cause fear in you, will you seek to know more before reacting?

It is the time of year when we are reminded to foster peace … a little understanding can bring such joy and peace in the Garden.  So do join me and make a decision today … to make an effort to get more understanding of those around you of whom you are afraid … before reacting to being afraid.

Dawn of a new beginning in the Garden

Dawn of a new beginning in the Garden

Come… walk with me in the Garden.

Overcoming fear in the Garden: http://wp.me/pykoD-7g

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One thought on “Overcoming fear in the Garden … 2

  1. Martin December 20, 2010 at 10:32 am Reply

    Great lesson from that event. Keep it going and wish a blessed christmas and 2011 full of Gods Grace and love.


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