Elephants! Part 2 of Blast from the past … in the Garden

“The ellies did not block me on the way out of the office… in fact I got to the telly tent (3 minutes drive away), found guys watching rugby and took off in a huff to my tent.

By nightfall, I could hear them across the concrete road that passes by my tent… brave woman that I am, I went for dinner and watched a movie… guys very kindly stopped watching rugby and we even had chocolate cake after dinner… and wine… I guess we needed something to help us get through the night…what… with the ellies being so close by, and us living in tents… tch tch

The drama? Finally get to sleep still hearing the crashing of trees across the road and the low rumbles of the ellies… woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming that the ellies had totally smashed the entire camp, I had hidden under a bush and a couple of them had decided that that bush was probably very tasty… as they began eating up the greens around my feet, (with a branch or something heavy across my back so that I could not move…).  Of course I woke up…

Too close for comfort!

Too close for comfort!

Wanting to go to the bathroom very badly….I  lifted the covers,.. and heard ‘whoooosh!… crash!’… too close for comfort…! They were now passing by the tents! And right at my tent to be precise! (Saw some cut grass at the steps that lead to my tent veranda in the morning… yikes!)

Hey! Am just strolling through the Garden...

Hey! Am just strolling through the Garden...

Jumped right back under the covers…. real quick as though the covers could help me if these jumbos decided to come through… 🙂 ) then I heard someone start banging a tin can (the way villagers chase away ellies.. but which really agitates them), then they thought the better of it… silence (from the humans anyway).

One of the security guards had a radio … he is supposed to be posted very close to my tent, but clearly had run away to somewhere near the mess tent and telly tent (2 mins walk away.. not very far)… the radio was very loud… and guys in the security room were busy shouting… ‘Tembo wamefika kwenye mahema! Waambie wajitahadhari! Waambie wajitahadhari!…’ (‘Elephants are in the tented camp! Tell them to be careful! Tell them to be careful!…’)

Now… if the fellow comes to wake me up to tell me to be careful, surely, he has to first get past the ‘tembos’…? then… if he makes enough noise to wake me up, surely he will attract the attention of the very same ‘tembos’ (assuming they have not noticed him by then for some reason). And when I do wake up and come to know they are there, I will get very afraid, and start smelling of fear! Three things to make the ellies irritated!  And I was awake anyway, and very afraid already…

Anyway, after much waiting and suffering (coz I too afraid to get up and go to the bathroom inside the very tent – yes, a luxury tent…), the one last Elly that was lingering by my tent after all the rest had left, finally walked away.. I guess dawn was approaching and s/he could tell that the camp would soon be astir, and then… all hell may break loose as is likely to happen anywhere that those 2 legged creatures called humans are… 🙂

"Yeah.. much safer to stay a little away from those 2 legged creatures called humans"

"Yeah.. much safer to stay a little away from those 2 legged creatures called humans"

Ellies have now gone away.. back to the airstrip and beyond….clearly they were just passing through… I did not dare come out from under my covers to take any photos.. so… sigh… fully armed my foot! (my excuse..? it was too dark)

End of adventure…. maybe another family will come calling… but I think these were the nice ones… s/he told me so….as s/he rumbled and huffed (maybe s/he thought I was smelling bad ;-)) right next to my tent.. with me sweating out a whole bottle of water under the covers in fear 😉

Oh… I finally got there… in the dark.. still could not dare put on the light in case they turn back and I become a target… probably shows how little I know about them ellies… 🙂 ”

Definitely lots of fun, right from the beginning 🙂

Looking for adventure?

Come … Walk with me in the Garden…

Copyright (c) 2010. Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved


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