Elephants! A blast from the past… in the Garden

When I moved into the garden many years ago, seeing elephants was cause for much excitement.  So when it happened one day, this is what I had to say to those around me:

“So… just have to share this….the elephants are in their hundreds… and right now walking past my office window…well they are still about 100mts away, heading towards the tents….!

Tens and tens of them… a couple of hundred are by the air strip about 10minutes drive away.. I can see them from outside my office… heh!

Chomping Grass in the Garden

Chomping Grass in the Garden

Don’t know whether to be afraid or excited.  Yesterday I had to take the long route back to the office
because they had blocked the main road.  They in fact made me go back and forth 3 times last Sunday to and from Church…. had to get a male escort, who ended up being even more afraid than I was…when we came face to face with the biggest male you have ever seen… apparently in musth (or something like that)… which again apparently means that they become very aggressive. But after putting off the engine, the guy just looked at us for a few minutes then calmly walked past… phew!

What a beautiful creation in the Garden

What a beautiful creation in the Garden

Anyway… assuming I am able to get past them on the way to my tent… I shall update you on this adventure tomorrow…

Wish I had my camera… but if they come to the tent I shall be fully armed!

Watch this space… :-)”

I honestly did not think I would find this again… a story I wrote in the beginning, before I made friends with the Ellies… well, almost….

Come… Walk with me in the Garden

Copyright (c) 2010. Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved.


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