What a lot to see… far south of the Garden

Fourty-four days to go… fourty three days to go… fourty two days to go…

The world cup fever was rising in South Africa… the hotel rates were risen indeed, and even the wildlife seemed like they were ready to rise to the occasion.  The southern part of the Garden was being prepared… the roads and bridges and fly-overs undergoing construction and repair… yes they were going to be ready, and on time.

But this was not what brought me here, so I was glad when we finally moved to the wild.  The farm had been converted into a conservation area. It was small compared to my part of the Garden, but it held a world of game.  A coalition of 6 males had terrorized other males out of the area some time back, they said, but now the coalition was smaller and their cubs were now young males in the area.

Lion Pride beginning the evening hunt

Time to begin the evening hunt ... far south of the Garden

Dinner was at the airstrip with lanterns all over the place and hyena and lions prowling around.  Yes, the hyena were ready to eat anything, but were kept at bay by the security team.  What a thrill it was to eat under the stars with God’s creation surrounding us.

As we completed our 5 course tasting dinner, and after the 5 different wines to go with it, I could only contemplate the wonder of God’s creation, and His gift of grace to enjoy it like we did without fear of our safety.  The Shangan dancers put a cap on the day with their wonderful singing and stomping dance.

Surely it is wonderful to live and walk with God in the Garden.

So… Come… Walk with me in the Garden.

Copyright (c) 2010. Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved


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