Going far south… in the Garden

I enjoy travelling.  So much so that those aspects of the trip that others call a hassle I find to be part of the fun of travelling.  As I go through the various check points, I see people of different walks of life going through their paces like I am doing, each taking the steps in their different ways.  Sometimes I strike a relationship with them.. a nod, a smile, a question… a conversation… a friendship that lasts as long as our interests remain the same.

4:00 am this morning, my wake up call came through, to remind me that it was time to get ready to travel to the other side of the garden.  It is far south of my little space in the Garden, and so very different yet so very the same.  I am looking forward to it, and as I sit on the plane to Oliver Tambo International airport, I wonder how the garden will be this time round.  It has been a long time.  It is such a long time ago, that at that time, I did not recognize it for the great garden it is… I only knew it as the place where I could go shopping and visit a few friends. No… I did not know the beautiful garden I was in then…. What a long way I have come.

The world cup will be played there soon, and the garden will reverberate with excitement before each game… and after the game is through, the winners will celebrate and the losers will weep.  Yet above all the din, will be the camaradie that we look for in life, yet seldom see until we meet at a time like this… to play a game in unity of purpose with people from every single part of the garden participating and watching the players play the game of their life.  If only we could share our life, love and friendship like this more often…. What a great Garden that would make…. Don’t you agree?

Meanwhile, the sky high above the ground… high above the clouds, is crystal clear blue, and the cloud cover beneath almost nil.  I wonder where this is. The garden below looks wild and green, with a few villages spotted in between.  There is so much of the garden I haven’t seen…. I wonder when I will have the chance to see it all…. Hmmmm …. Yes, it is a beautiful garden we live in.

Goodbye my friends... only for a little while

Goodbye my friends... only for a little while

Come… walk with me in the Garden.

Copyright (c) 2010. Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved


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