How warm is your Garden?

It has been a cold and wet first quarter of the year in the Garden. One that has resulted in the tall grass growing almost as tall as I am L and making me even more worried when I walk through it to lunch in the mess. It is not often that it gets this wet, or this cold for as long as it has this year. Our dear friends the wildlife, especially the hoofed ones that eat only grass and plants are hardly seen now despite there being plenty of food. It is said that they are afraid of becoming food themselves, for the tall grass hides many things, like the ferocious carnivores.   


A glorious afternoon in the Garden

A glorious afternoon in the Garden


The past week has been particularly cold. So much so that mealtime conversations have begun to resemble the traditional English conversation… peppered with comments about the cold weather. And when I say English, I do not meant the language J.

At breakfast, a colleague says, “It was really cold earlier today and I was driving someone to the airstrip. When you hold the steering in an open vehicle on such a cold day you wish you had gloves or something… but then you remember that your guest who is coming from a place with winter seasons might wonder what you are doing. So I had to just rub my hands furiously after bidding them farewell.”

Another colleague at lunch says, “Can you imagine I wore a sweater this morning! How dumb is that?! It feels really strange!”

You would think we are talking about something like 0°C, but in fact we are talking only 20°C… maybe 18°C. Yes, that is how blessed the garden is. The weather is so great throughout the year that we take it for granted that it will always be that way… like the way we expect that life will always be the way we want it to be, until something happens to remind us how precious what we have is.  


Staying clear of the tall grass in the Garden

Staying clear of the tall grass in the Garden


So, before the cold comes into my life, I am asking myself: “Whom am I taking for granted in my life today? Am I taking time to stop and tell them how much I care? Have I told them how much they mean to me? Do I realize what would happen if they were no longer there for me?”

The garden is beautiful, as beautiful as I make it with all that is in it that surrounds me, and the love I share with those that are in it with me. The garden is wherever I am, and wherever I have been. I will seek to make it even more beautiful each day. .. and little by little, make this entire world that is our garden, the most beautiful garden there ever could be.

Will you join me?

Come…walk with me in the Garden.


Copyright (c) 2010. Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved


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