Living a life of passion in the Garden

Bang!  BangBang!  Something had crashed against my office window and was repeatedly banging against it.  When I heard the first bang, I got a shock.  I was so deeply concentrating on writing my report that the bang threw me completely off balance.

I put my hand to my chest and swung around in my chair quickly to see what was banging! When I turned, I almost laughed out loud.  Actually, I did chuckle at myself and thought: “I should have known.”  It was Mr. and Mrs. Hornbill back at my window again. Apparently they see their reflection in the window and peck at it.  I was not so sure about that story, as I have had them sneak into the office to peck at insects.  My inclination was that they are seeing an insect moving about in the office that they want to get at so when the window is partially or fully closed and they cannot see the glass, they fly into it!  Poor birds 😦

Living without worry in the Garden

Mr and Mrs Hornbill

Today they were pecking rather hard at the window… hoping from one end of the window to another pecking… pecking… and then hoping a little again and giving the window another peck… each time stopping long enough to give the glass (or is it me?) a good look, first with one eye, then turning and looking with the other eye.  They were really quite funny. 🙂

Without a care in the Garden

The Hornbills peeping through the window in the Garden

The Hornbills - hop, peep, peck

The Hornbills - hop, peep, peck

I turned back to continue with my report, but could not help thinking about the way that God takes care of them.  He gives them food to eat and a place to sleep. They have a means to protect themselves naturally, and have not a worry.  How wonderful it must be to just eat, sleep and wander about banging against windows made by human beings who have nothing better to do than construct things that cannot be seen and worry about their next meal, their security, their family, their friends, their jobs, their property, their education, their skills, their spirituality…

Yeah, here I was slogging away at a report because I had a deadline to beat.  I was working hard and fast to finish it, and begin my next task which also had a deadline.  Everything has to be done fast, and be done today, or else…. What? The bottom line is, “What was the reason I was so busy doing these things?  Was it because I enjoy doing them?  Or was it because I enjoy being in the garden so much that I do the work to justify my staying here, worrying that otherwise, I might have to leave?”

I will admit it is a little of both. ..more so that ‘I enjoy doing what I do’, but also because if I do not deliver, my opportunity to be in the Garden would be in question, and that is certainly something to worry about… or is it?  The birds were reminding me of something.  It is God that gives.  Make no mistake… I have to do my part, but God does the rest. 

So while I worked hard to beat the deadlines and complete my tasks, I was reminded of one important thing: “Let not worry drive you.  Let not worry be the driving force behind what you do. Let not a negative energy drive you, because when it is gone, after all the hard work, you will no longer have any force you can use to propel you to the next stage, the next level, the next phase of your life.”  In fact, I recalled that my experience has been that worry will instead drain you of all energy, and capability to do what you ought to do, and will propel you backwards into an abyss of never ending grief.

With that thought and a renewed passion I completed my report, knowing that I had done my best, enjoyed doing it and could now let God do the rest – grant me a place to rest, food to eat and everything else He knows that I need to get through another day.

 I rested easy that night, thinking that next time Mr. and Mrs. Hornbill come crashing by, I will be glad of the reminder to walk with God in the Garden, for it is He that gives always.  Will you join me?

Come … walk with me in the Garden

Copyright (c) 2010. Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved


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One thought on “Living a life of passion in the Garden

  1. O Babu Swai March 19, 2010 at 5:45 am Reply

    This is great and you are envied… It is said that the best teachers known to man are Nature and Jesus… how wonderful you are learning from them both. Keep it up.

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