Peace in the Garden

It is Sunday afternoon, and I am enjoying the luxury of just sitting in my room and watching life go by peacefully.  I look out of my window past the car, and across the driveway, and see grant gazelle peacefully grazing.

It is so quiet; I can hear the fridge hum, and the birds chirping.  If only I could understand what they were saying.  As they carry on their conversation, sometimes animated, sometimes in fits and starts and sometimes peaceful, another set of birds flies past in formation. Theirs is a loud cackling, as if to say: “We are bigger than you, so we have much more to say and much louder vocals to say it with too.”

The lions were calling last night.  In fact, this weekend has been an altogether awesome weekend.  2 nights ago, as I went to sleep, the tree branches started cracking and crashing.  There was some rather heavy breathing accompanying it. By now I know what this means.  I did not need to look out of my window to know who my guests could be.  When I did, I confirmed it.  The elephant herd was gently walking through the garden, eating the branches off the trees. One of them noticed me and made a sound.  Another turned to look at me.

I wondered why they were so interested since I had remembered to switch off my lights before going to see.  There was no moon that day… or perhaps it was covered by the clouds.  Anyway, they could clearly see me.  So I moved away and prepared to sleep again. Oh yeah…my window was open…

Elephants eating peacefully in the Garden

Elephants eating peacefully in the Garden

The Grant Gazelles have now moved away, and as I look outside, Waterbuck have taken their place.  I wonder who will be next :-).  The Waterbuck have really liked this place recently.  There seem to be more and more each day grazing around the house.  This morning they took the trouble to wake me… with some more loud munching outside my window.  It must have been a genius who planted that tree there.  But then, in the garden there is no artificial planting of trees… they just grow in place. So I guess the genius must be God.

The munching this time was different, so I learned something new today.  There was a lot more cracking than I usually hear with the Zebra, so I had to look to see.  There weren’t two or three, they were more than ten.  So I turned to pray, and say:  “Thank you God, for making my day.  Thank you for this peace and the gift of your creation before me each day.”

The Waterbuck are gone, and the Grant Gazelles are back… 🙂

Yes, this is a very peaceful Sunday. Thank God again for peace.

Come… Walk with me in the garden.

Copyright (c) 2009-2010. Ophelia Swai. All Rights Reserved


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