So much happening in the garden

Every night I get home, tired, sometimes even exhausted from the desk-work or field work.  It gets too hot, or too dusty or too muddy, and a good shower, dinner, and a really good night’s sleep is the only cure.  Thankfully sleep is to the sound of lion calling in the distance, hyena laughing, and birds snoring in the tree outside my window (well, it does sound like they’re snoring and I’m no wildlife expert.. I just enjoy them J)… oh, and the Dikdik forever chewing on the Marula fruit that has fallen from the tree… munch, crunch, munch…

So, when I decided to keep the noise level down and listen to the sounds of the Serengeti instead of blaring horror stories on the TV in the name of news, the sound of the truck bouncing and careening down the road that goes past my house was really rather loud. I wondered what the driver was up to driving at what seemed to be faster than 40km per hour knowing the speed limit was less than that.  Whatever were they thinking?

Anyway, that was their business… Until they seemed to turn directly for my house!  I looked out the window and could not see the truck.  It was too dark and the lights of the truck were not on.  Also, there was no way the truck would have gone past the rocks off road, so something was not right.  Put off the lights and get a torch! Quick!

Yeah, this was no truck, even though it initially sounded like one :-(.  The famous wildebeest migration was thundering by at great speed, reminding me of where I was.  Surrounded as I am and managing all information technology gadgets and systems as I do, this was still the great Serengeti ecosystem, and the true owners of the land were making their presence felt.

No pictures this time, it was too dark… and putting on the lights outside would have confused them and scattered them with fright.  Oh well… they’ll pass by another day when it is light and I will film to my heart’s content.  After all, this was already such a treat – game viewing from the house?

They are late this year though. I guess the grass was still too wet.  Apparently they like it crispy and dry.  Only now can I hear them in their thousands… no… millions making a racket further down the hill.  Hope they will soon come up, and show us the age old God-given way through the Serengeti, into the next century…

Want to catch a glimpse?

Come… walk with me in the Garden…

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5 thoughts on “So much happening in the garden

  1. Ravi Sharma July 18, 2009 at 2:54 pm Reply

    Dear Ophelia Swai,

    Your blog is very impressive. I am very glad to see that you are serving the GREEN, Wild life through IT. I am in IT with 16 years of experience. I will be glad to connect with you. I am very passionate about GREEN and wildlife. I would like to walk in your garden 🙂

    Feel free to send me invite or do let me know your email to send invite and connect with each other to learn more.

    Best Regards

    Learner & Helper
    Ravi Sharma

    mailto :

  2. O Babu Swai December 7, 2009 at 6:07 am Reply

    Hello Ophelia,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog sharing your experiences in the garden of the Serengeti which is also renowned as the Cradle of mankind… I am sure one of these days you will also tell us about your experiences in the Oldupai Gorge which I believe is not far from where you work. I had the privilage of observing the migration briefly in the garden during my last visit (third visit) and would like to urge your readers to make all efforts to see for themselves the wonders that happen here! It is a “must-see” if you love nature.
    It must be exciting and rewarding for you to enjoy what nature can offer in abundance with the new technology. I know that I may not have that longterm privillage but will certainly visit again to blend with nature in this garden of peace and wonders.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Snoring Remedies Expert March 14, 2010 at 4:03 pm Reply

    Just came across your blog while surfing the net. I must say this, as a nature lover, I really found your blog interesting. I read it with big smile on my face. You must be one lucky person to have a beautiful view of the garden. Where I live it is only concrete jungles…….

  4. IRENE May 28, 2010 at 9:10 am Reply


    Wow, just read your entire blog today and it is just the envy of any nature lover.

    The snake bit though told for good was too much for me, the good samaritan was definitely God protected! I guess when you give your life to help another without prejudice, God looks out for you too.
    Keep giving me this live feed on nature in the Serengeti, I feel like I am seeing those scenes personally. Would Looove …….. to see the Wildebeast migration………

  5. Diana G. October 18, 2010 at 9:22 am Reply

    Hi Ophelia,

    Your blog and your book “Moments to Treasure in the Garden” have made my day! After reading your book, I was able to slow down and appreciate each aspect of my day, as opposed to my usual hurry through the day.

    I also enjoyed the pictures and your experiences very much. For a while, I felt as though I was there with you in your garden. And then from your urging, I realised that I needed to make my current location – my work, my home, my surroundings – my garden. Not as beautiful and full of nature as yours, but it is my garden, and I can give and get more peace and love from it than I am currently giving/getting.

    Thank you for sharing your garden with me. I am absolutely enjoying it.

    I wish you God’s blessings every day as you continue to appreciate Him and His gifts so deeply.


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